HiPhi A: China’s Latest Electric Hypercar Redefines Speed and Tech

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China's Latest Electric Hypercar
HiPhi announces the hypercar for the next generation – HiPhi A

The HiPhi A, a new electric hypercar by Shanghai-based HiPhi, is set to make waves in the EV world. This four-door, four-seater isn’t just a car; it’s a technological marvel. It follows HiPhi’s X, Y, and Z models, but the A is on another level.

Let’s dive into the tech specs: the HiPhi A is a powerhouse with a trio of motors (one in front, two at the back) that churn out an eye-popping 1287bhp. These motors can rev up to 22,000rpm, thanks to their carbon fiber rotors and advanced cooling systems. Its battery is no slouch either, boasting a 1.5-megawatt peak discharge. Speed? It clocks 0-100kmph in just over two seconds and aims for a top speed over 300kmph.

Design-wise, the HiPhi A is a head-turner. Its bodywork combines matte paint and carbon fiber, giving it a sleek, modern look. The wide carbon fiber rear wing isn’t just for show; it adds serious downforce. What’s really cool is the LED digital display on the rear-hinged doors, allowing drivers to flash messages or emojis to others on the road.

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Inside, the cockpit is a blend of carbon fiber and titanium alloy, lit by ambient lighting. A standout feature is the large infotainment screen, adjustable via robotic arms for optimal viewing.

Handling this beast is no small feat. That’s where HiPhi’s advanced chassis technology comes in, with features like rear-wheel steering, CDC continuously variable damping, and carbon ceramic brakes. These contribute to a near-perfect 50:50 weight distribution and enhanced torque vectoring for sharper handling.

The HiPhi A isn’t just fast and flashy; it’s also a testament to collaboration. HiPhi partnered with WESAIL New Energy Automotive and tapped into ShanghaiTech University for development expertise.”The combination of HiPhi’s luxury product concept, first-class development and industrial capabilities with WESAIL New Energy Automotive’s Apollo supercar elements, combined with the technical expertise and innovation from ShanghaiTech University, makes HiPhi A what it is – a true work of art for this new era,” said David Ding, HiPhi Founder, Chairman and CEO.

David Ding, CEO of HiPhi, captures the essence of the A: “From the internal combustion engine era to the new era of intelligent electric mobility, the top hypercars should represent the pinnacle of innovative technology while still paying tribute to the classics, showcasing the transformative nature as a way to look toward the future.”

Set to debut at the Guangzhou Auto Show on November 17 and enter production in early 2025, the HiPhi A is more than just a car. It’s a statement in the evolving narrative of electric mobility, blending raw power with innovative design and cutting-edge technology. It’s a glimpse into the future of hypercars in the electric era.

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