Helium Evolution Strikes High-Grade Discovery in Saskatchewan: Joint Well #1 Exceeds Expectations

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Helium Evolution Incorporated, alongside North American Helium Inc. (NAH), has made a notable helium discovery in Saskatchewan, Canada. The key player in this development is Joint Well #1, located in the Deadwood zone. It has shown promising results with a helium concentration of 0.95%, significantly higher than the commercially viable level of 0.3%. This discovery aligns with the gas composition of NAH’s nearby helium pool, confirming the area’s potential for commercial helium production.

Greg Robb, President and CEO of Helium Evolution, is optimistic about this advancement. He emphasizes the significance of this discovery in validating the Deadwood formation as a critical helium source. Discussions with NAH are underway to determine future steps for Joint Well #1 and to plan further exploration and development in the region.

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Joint Well #1’s testing outcomes were impressive. The well maintained stable rates and pressures, indicating a reliable reservoir. It produced 1.3 million standard cubic feet per day (MMscf/d) and 6,000 kiloPascals (kPa) of flowing tubing pressure. A third-party analysis suggests potential increases in deliverability with appropriate stimulation. The well also produced minimal water, beneficial for helium recovery.

Helium Evolution, with the largest helium land rights among public companies in North America, is focused on southern Saskatchewan, known for its economic helium concentrations. The company’s strategic goal is to be a top sustainable helium supplier. They encourage stakeholders to follow their progress through various online platforms, offering detailed reports and updates.

This development is a turnaround from previous setbacks, including the abandonment of a farmout well in the region. Helium Evolution’s resilience and adaptability are evident in this latest success, positioning them for impactful contributions to the global helium market, grounded in sustainable practices and exploration excellence.

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