Grammy Award-Winning Ciara Wilson Takes Center Stage at United Nations: Empowering Fashion with Sustainability

Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Ciara Wilson spoke about sustainability at the United Nations Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network Annual Meeting. Ciara, along with her husband Russell Wilson, founded The House of L, R & C, a sustainability-minded brand group. The brand group includes labels such as Good Man, Lita by Ciara, and Human Nation.

Ciara emphasized the importance of sustainable clothing in the fashion industry. She highlighted the impact of the younger generation and their desire for change. Ciara and Russell Wilson are signatories of the Fashion Impact Fund, supporting sustainable fashion initiatives.

The House of L, R & C gives back three percent of its profits to the Why Not You Foundation, focused on education and fighting poverty. The brand’s chief sustainability officer outlined their mission to do things differently. The letters L, R & C stand for love, care, and respect, reflecting the brand’s values.

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The brand has already received recognition with two industry awards. Wilson expressed excitement about the potential positive changes the next generation, including her own children, could bring. The House of L, R & C operates as a public benefits company and is a B Corp.

Sustainability is integrated into the company’s philosophy and performance goals for all team members. The B Corp status attracts the right talent and aligns with the company’s cause. Ciara acknowledged the journey towards becoming a B Corp and the importance of sustainability challenges.

The shift towards sustainability is becoming a cultural conversation, driven by consumers as well as policymakers. The brand is exploring alternative materials like mushroom leather and recycled materials. The B Corp status provides a structure aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The brand is on track to achieve a high B Corp rating. Future sustainability goals include blockchain traceability, transparency, carbon measurement, and circularity. Ciara’s celebrity status helps amplify the message of sustainability, but she is actively involved in the conversation. Wilson engages with UN representatives and expresses openness to potential ambassador roles.

The fashion industry is moving towards increased transparency and prioritizing sustainability. Ciara sees positive changes happening in the fashion industry and looks forward to future possibilities.

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