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Gomi’s “Collection One” Speaker Breathes New Life into Waste Plastic and Bike Batteries

June 28, 2023
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Gomi, the Brighton-based sustainable design studio, has unveiled its remarkable “Collection One” speaker, a high-end audio device that proudly embodies its eco-friendly ethos. With a focus on showcasing the potential of recycled plastic, Gomi’s founders Rishi Gupta and Tom Meades have created a speaker that exudes style and sustainability. The distinct marbled case of each speaker incorporates the equivalent of 44 plastic bags, while the power comes from repurposed lithium e-bike batteries. What sets these speakers apart is their emphasis on repairability, boasting just 29 easily replaceable or repairable components. To further promote circularity, Gomi also offers customers a trade-in option, contributing to the reduction of waste in the production-consumption-reuse cycle.

This limited-edition, handmade collection of speakers not only delivers exceptional audio quality but also helps breathe new life into over six tonnes of waste material that would otherwise end up in landfills. By repurposing 6 tons of LDPE plastic, including bubble wrap, food packaging, and plastic bags, Gomi combines carbon-neutral sustainability with audio prowess, creating minimalist and visually stunning portable Bluetooth speakers.

One remarkable aspect of the “Collection One” is its use of salvaged and reconditioned e-bike lithium batteries, which provide a commendable 32 hours of use. This lifespan is comparable to other portable speakers while avoiding the ethical and environmental concerns associated with extracting cobalt and lithium for new cells. By giving discarded batteries a second chance, Gomi highlights its commitment to merging sustainability and audio innovation.

The limited edition collection showcases three distinctive colorways—Panther, Ultraviolet, and Avalanche—and each speaker features a unique marbled design, making it a one-of-a-kind, numbered edition. With its 5.0 Bluetooth wireless technology, the speaker ensures seamless connectivity and offers an impressive 32-hour battery life. It can also be connected to a source via AUX input and has the option for pairing multiple speakers to create a stereo sound setup.

“Gomi pulls its inspiration from two worlds – the art world, with loud, vibrant colourful expression mixed with a rule-breaking spirit, and the design world – bringing minimalism, function and clean polished finishes. We think of our aesthetic as a collision between Dieter Rams and Picasso and it’s the fine balance between the two that can be seen in ‘collection one’. Our obsession with circularity underpins this, taking the lead at every step in our design process. Every material and design decision is filtered through our thinking ‘can it be repaired easily, can it be recycled easily’ – this is why we’re anti-glue, pro-modularity, and proudly repair-for-life. At Gomi we are proving that there is a process to recycling properly, that we can create exciting products from waste, and bring beauty and individuality into tech.”

Tom Meades, co-founder and Chief Design Officer, Gomi

Tom Meades, Chief Design Officer at Gomi, describes the speaker’s aesthetic as a fusion between the influences of Dieter Rams and Picasso. The colorful and vibrant design strikes a fine balance between expressive artistry and functional minimalism. By beautifying waste materials, Gomi aims to challenge the notion that technology should be impersonal and dull. The brand believes that tech can be both playful and personable, adding a touch of artistry and desirability to repurposed materials.

“At Gomi we envision a world where waste is not seen as a problem, but as a resource that can be transformed into beautiful and unique masterpieces that fuse form and function. We believe that design is a force for change that can inspire equitable solutions to our throwaway culture, by acknowledging the value of waste and our responsibility towards all the stakeholders of our planet. We are more than just a tech brand – we’re a movement that is pushing the boundaries of sustainability and creativity, where each product is a symbol of individuality, our commitment to repair and our fight against planned obsolescence.”

Rishi Gupta, co-founder and CEO, Gomi

Rishi Gupta, CEO of Gomi, emphasizes the transformative power of design in addressing our throwaway culture and recognizing the value of waste. The brand’s core ethos revolves around empowering consumers to make lasting purchases and moving away from single-use virgin plastic. By abstaining from glue adhesive and adopting a modular and repairable approach, Gomi underlines the ongoing issues with disposable plastic and strives to make a positive impact.

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The “Collection One” is a limited run collection available exclusively on the Gomi website for $389. Its modular design allows for easy replacement or repair of its 29 components, with free repairs provided within the first two years after purchase. Each speaker features a distinct, funky marbled pattern, ensuring that no two are exactly the same. By collaborating closely with local recycling companies, Gomi acquires the necessary raw materials, transforming them into aesthetically pleasing objects that people would be proud to have in their homes. Additionally, the second-life e-bike battery offers approximately 32 hours of battery life, and the speaker is compatible with Bluetooth 5.0 and AUX input, extending its compatibility beyond smartphones.

The collision of Dieter Rams and Picasso aesthetics, combined with Gomi’s commitment to circularity, fuels their vision of waste as a valuable resource that can be transformed into beautiful and functional masterpieces. If you’re in search of a high-end speaker that seamlessly integrates sustainability and exceptional design, the “Collection One” by Gomi is a remarkable choice.

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