Nearly 200 Goats Starved to Death Under Darlington Couple’s Care: Heartbreaking Neglect

June 27, 2023
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Source: Group of Goat, Google

Stephanie and Kyle Lincicum, the Darlington Couple, are facing numerous charges in relation to the mistreatment and death of nearly 200 goats under their care. Counts of mistreatment of animals, failure to provide food for animals, and theft are some of the charges. They could face several years in prison if convicted. When the Farm Service Agency notified the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office about numerous dead goats on a farm In Seymour Township, the investigation began. Multiple deceased goats were discovered by deputies, and later they learned that there were nearly 200 goats on the farm, with only two still barely alive. It was found by tracking records that the Lincicums had not purchased any feed for some time. It was confirmed by a veterinarian called to the scene that signs of starvation and a lack of flowing water for weeks among the goats had been noted. Kyle Lincicum, when questioned, claimed ignorance about the cause of the deaths, stating that the goats started dying the previous month.

He, however, admitted to not having provided grain to the goats throughout the year. It was revealed by the witnesses that there was no hay or feed available on the farm, and three pens contained dozens of dead goats each. Further deceased goats were discovered by deputies when they visited the property with a veterinarian. Stephanie Lincicum admitted to not being sure if she had fed the goats enough due to inconsistent feeding instructions. Investigations revealed that the farm was initially owned by someone referred to as “Victim1”, who had agreed to share the costs with the Lincicums and eventually sell the farm to them. This arrangement, however, did not materialize. As per Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, The Fennimore Livestock Exchange records indicated that the Lincicums had sold around 265 goats between December 2020 and March 2023, making a net profit of $35,907. Victim 1 did not share any profit.

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Having waived her right to a preliminary hearing, Stephanie Lincicum is scheduled to be arraigned on July 10. Having made his initial appearance from the Lafayette County Jail, Kyle Lincicum’s preliminary hearing is set for July 14. Deemed extremely weak, the two remaining goats were euthanized as they lacked any fat on their bodies. Lincicums claimed that the goats had been treated for worms, parasites, and pneumonia but continued to die. Veterinarians were not called for further treatment. According to investigators, the couple is suspected of using the money earned from selling the goats for their own needs instead of investing it back into the farm. With many expressing heartbreaks over the suffering & death of the goats, the case has attracted widespread attention & elicited strong emotions from the public. As the mistreatment and starvation of animals to this extent are considered highly unusual and devastating, the couple could face prison time if found guilty.

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