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Yumi’s Robotic Arms Uniting Technology and Nature to Combat Deforestation in the Amazon

June 28, 2023
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An automated and remotely operated robot called Yumi is being utilized by an innovative project led by ABB Robotics and the non-profit organization Junglekeepers to support the restoration of the Amazon Forest. Yumi is on a mission to plant seeds and grow trees, contributing to the preservation of the rainforest and the fight against deforestation.

While Yumi is stationed in a jungle laboratory in the Peruvian Amazon, its automation is managed from Sweden, spearheaded by a pilot project. ABB experts, through the use of Cloud technology, can program and control Yumi from a distance of 12,000 kilometers, making it a remotely operated robot. Designed to work collaboratively with humans, Yumi is equipped with two arms that facilitate soil shifting and seed handling.

Yumi’s automation capabilities allow Junglekeepers’ volunteers to focus on placing pots in the Earth, expediting the reforestation process. Autonomously, the robot digs holes in the soil using its mini shovel attached to its robotic arms, plants seeds, compacts the soil, and labels the biodegradable pots with color-coded tags for identification.

Prioritizing zones in need of reforestation, Junglekeepers can now replant an area equivalent to two soccer fields on a daily basis. Yumi, by relieving the volunteers of planting tasks, enables them to allocate their time and resources to important endeavors such as deterring illegal loggers, educating local communities on rainforest preservation, and planting mature saplings.

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Autonomously operating, the remotely deployed Yumi robot addresses the challenge of finding individuals willing to reside and work in remote areas. Troubleshooting purposes only require human intervention. Yumi operates from a lab in the Peruvian Amazon, while a team in Sweden remotely monitors and optimizes its work using ABB’s Robot Studio Cloud technology.

As the mission of Junglekeepers is to preserve 55,000 acres of the Amazon Forest, this project is crucial for long-term conservation efforts of the forest. Allowing the organization to fulfill its mission more effectively, the use of technology, robotics, and cloud solutions contribute significantly to combating deforestation.

Showcasing how robotics and Cloud technology play a central role in fighting deforestation, a major contributor to climate change, ABB Robotics emphasizes the importance of this collaboration with Junglekeepers. At present, 20% of the Amazon rainforest has been lost, making technology an essential tool for conservation efforts.

Providing rangers with exposure to new ways of working and enabling them to conserve the land they inhabit, Yumi’s presence in the jungle accelerates and expands operations. Lasting for six weeks in May and June 2023, the pilot project represents a positive step towards reforestation in the Amazon.

After its completion, ABB plans to continue exploring opportunities to support Junglekeepers on a more extended basis, demonstrating their commitment to the cause. The potential of robots and technology in reversing deforestation and preserving one of our planet’s most vital ecosystems, the Amazon, makes this collaboration between ABB Robotics, Junglekeepers, and the deployment of Yumi very essential.

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