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Futuristic IRIS eTrike Breaks New Ground: Speed, Style, and Safety Redefined

July 11, 2023
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The IRIS eTrike has undergone a remarkable visual upgrade, featuring a sleek and futuristic aerodynamic design that allows it to achieve speeds of 30+ mph and travel up to 30 miles on a single battery charge. Eye-catching multi-color LED strip lighting adorns the headlamp, brake, and indicators, alerting nearby riders to the presence of this space car-like vehicle.

Led by Grant Sinclair, the design team has incorporated a cooling system with a HEPA air purifier, ensuring a clean and smoke-free cabin environment that filters out germs and viruses. The IRIS eTrike prototype is currently on display at the National Motor Museum in the UK until April 2024, building anticipation for its upcoming mass production.

Electric bikes offer enhanced riding experiences by integrating motors, allowing riders to cover long distances and enjoy higher speeds. The production model of the IRIS eTrike boasts a comprehensive LED lighting system, including headlights, turn indicators, strip lighting, and brake/tail lights, ensuring visibility on the road.

A 120-degree rearview camera streams live video to the rider’s smartphone, enhancing safety and awareness of the surroundings. The 250, 500, and 750-watt mid-drive motor options amplify the rider’s pedaling power, enabling speeds exceeding 30 mph. With its 48V/20-Ah lithium-ion battery, the IRIS eTrike offers a range of up to 30 miles, ensuring ample travel distance on a single charge.

Carbon wheels and puncture-proof Tannus cargo bike tires provide durability and eliminate concerns about frequent tire changes. The lockable cargo compartment can hold up to 100+ liters of storage, offering secure and spacious solutions for carrying belongings.

Spyre mechanical disc brakes and Shimano A530 SPD double-sided pedals contribute to safety and versatility during rides. The backlit LED screen displays crucial data such as speed, distance traveled, battery charge, and electric assist level.

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The compact dimensions of 260 cm long, 94 cm wide, and 128 cm high provide a well-balanced size for maneuverability. The new ergonomic, upright bucket seat can be folded to create room for the lockable rear compartment, ensuring adaptability for different storage needs.

The weatherproof EPP foam body construction and aviation acrylic canopy with a de-mist function enable the eTrike to handle various weather conditions. The chromoly steel trike chassis, inspired by ski helmet technology, prioritizes rider safety and structural integrity.

The futuristic design draws inspiration from aerodynamic helmets used in velodrome bike racing, creating a visually appealing and streamlined appearance. Grant Sinclair, the inventor behind IRIS eTrike, has a notable family legacy in innovation, with his uncle Sir Clive Sinclair renowned for the Sinclair C5 pedal-electric trike and early home computers.

The IRIS eTrike is available for special pre-order pricing on the official website, with estimated worldwide delivery set for the first quarter of 2024. With its cutting-edge features and exceptional design, the IRIS eTrike represents a significant advancement in street-legal electric trikes, offering unparalleled performance, safety, and futuristic aesthetics.

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