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Fueling Change: Jamie Margolin’s Inspiring Journey for Climate Justice

June 17, 2023
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Based in Seattle, Washington, Jamie Margolin is a Colombian-American writer, community organizer, climate change activist, activist & public speaker. Margolin, as a Latina Jewish lesbian, is driven by her passion to fight for the rights of the oppressed and marginalized. Especially in the face of climate change that is wreaking havoc on her home city, her love for the Pacific Northwest fuels her efforts to protect the environment. Zero Hour, a global youth climate justice movement, was founded by Margolin. Zero Hour organized the first Youth Climate March in Washington, DC, in 2018, as well as 25 other cities around the world. Margolin is also a plaintiff in the Washington state lawsuit Youth v. Govt., which holds the state accountable for violating the constitutional rights of her generation by exacerbating climate change.

Margolin emphasized the urgency of taking action to create a livable future, recognizing that youth are already experiencing the detrimental effects of climate change. Known for its frankness and humor, her writing has been featured in prominent publications such as CNN, Refinery 29, The Seattle Times, Teenink, Writer‘s Digest, The Guardian, and the Huffington Post. Titled “Youth to Power “, Margolin released her debut book, which serves as a comprehensive guide for young activists. Margolin reflects, in her essay “The Day We Save Ourselves From Ourselves”, on the dire state of the world and the impact of climate change. According to her vision, a future society will have healed itself from destructive practices like fossil fuel consumption, industrial animal agriculture, and systemic injustices. Indigenous wisdom and scientific innovation coexist to build a resilient and sustainable society in the future envisioned by Margolin.

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The future world of Margolin is powered by renewable energy, with mass public transportation systems, reforestation efforts, and justice for marginalized communities. In order to address climate change, Margolin emphasizes the importance of youth activism and the need for collective action. Her belief is that the current generation has a unique opportunity to shape the future of the planet, and she urges everyone to take responsibility and make a difference. As an activist, Margolin’s own journey began with a realization of the urgent need for change and a determination to take civic action. She encourages young people to get involved in community events, engage in conversations, and join mass mobilizations to amplify their voices. Margolin’s work exemplifies the power of youth activism and serves as an inspiration for others to take a stand and work towards a sustainable and just world.

Margolin, along with her fellow climate-aware individuals, founded Zero Hour, a platform for like-minded, nature-caring youth to join the movement for climate justice. Zero Hour’s mission is to amplify diverse youth voices in the climate and environmental justice conversation. They empower young activists, organizers, and supportive adults to take tangible action on climate change. Margolin has initiated her next venture, “Pelea,” a 2D animated Latin American independent film currently in production. “Pelea” has been Margolin’s brainchild since 2020. Last year, she fearlessly embarked on the project, igniting its development and setting the wheels in motion. Now, Pelea comes to life through the remarkable collaboration of a team of talented artists hailing from diverse corners of the globe. With their combined creativity and skill, they weave together a tapestry of breathtaking visuals and a compelling story that will leave a lasting impact.

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