Julia Butterfly Hill: The Woman Who Lived on a Tree for 738 Days to Save the Redwoods
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Julia Butterfly Hill: The Woman Who Lived on a Tree for 738 Days to Save the Redwoods

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A tree sit in California’s Redwood Forest was started by Julia Butterfly Hill to protest logging efforts.

Hill lived on two platforms in cramped, windy, and wet conditions for 738 days.

An agreement was ultimately reached by Hill and the lumber company to preserve the tree and others like it.

Hill is famous for living on a tree for 738 days.

It was decided by Hill to participate in the tree sit when the Pacific Lumber Company announced a new clear-cutting initiative that would greatly reduce the number of trees in the iconic forest.

As Hill’s father was a traveling preacher, her childhood was spent moving around the US.

The nickname “Butterfly” was given to Hill when a butterfly landed on her finger during a hiking trip.

Hill has been stubborn and getting into trouble since she was 2, but she has learned to redirect that into good cause.

After surviving a car crash in her early 20s, Hill reevaluated her priorities and decided to dedicate her life to environmental activism.

A memoir, “TThe Legacy of Luna:The Story of a Tree, a Woman, and the Struggle to Save the Redwoods,” was published by Hill in 2000.

Marginal communities are affected disproportionately by climate change and environmental destruction.

It is crucial for those with privilege to take a stand and use their resources to support and amplify the voices of those affected the most.

Many forms can be taken to take a stand for the environment.

Now, Hill is an activist and an author.

More radical stands have been taken by Hill for the environment, and she has become a proponent for tax redirection.

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