Cartoons That Provoke Environmental & Ethical Sensitivity

January 24, 2022
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Cartoons have been used to pass on important messages since the dawn of printing. Many cartoons are very entertaining but sometimes they are striking just because they unearth important issues. Such are the cartoons by Stefan Haller. Stefan is a cartoonist based in Zurich, the heart of the banking industry.

Stefan goes by the pen name of ‘Schlorian’. His work is published in newspapers and magazines. His keen observations present global happenings affecting daily life of common people.

Stefan has covered many stories through his comics that can fit into a wide array of subjects. He has covered politics, world issues, identity crisis, technology and its side effects, economical structures and more evidently the problems surrounding environment and nature to name a few.

His work plays an important role in the present day media to balance the effects of ideology driven propaganda. When most of the news and stories published are advantageous for some, his comics tell us the stories from the other side.

Rahul Somvanshi

Rahul, possessing a profound background in the creative industry, illuminates the unspoken, often confronting revelations and unpleasant subjects, navigating their complexities with a discerning eye. He perpetually questions, explores, and unveils the multifaceted impacts of change and transformation in our global landscape. As an experienced filmmaker and writer, he intricately delves into the realms of sustainability, design, flora and fauna, health, science and technology, mobility, and space, ceaselessly investigating the practical applications and transformative potentials of burgeoning developments.

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