Alcohol Based Products Made From CO2 In Air

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The Air Company is using CO2 to produce alcohol-based products.  Their priority, through the use of CO2, is to slow the momentum of climate change. The carbon dioxide (CO2) used in the process is captured at a source point.


They create hydrogen on-site that is fed into Carbon Conversion Reactor alongside the CO2 where a proprietary reaction occurs, transforming the hydrogen and CO2 into impurity-free ethanol, methanol and water.

Their distillation process separates all three alcohols from one another and then they hand-mix the ethanol and water together. Air Company’s vodka is the first of its kind. It is the first vodka in the world that is made from air .

The Air Company have managed to create a sustainable jet fuel from CO2. They claim that their technology can be used on Mars, where they can use the atmosphere on Mars to make rocket fuel.

Their innovations have found a way to create sugar with their patented carbon conversion technology. Other products The Air Company have developed are alcohol based hand wash and perfume.

The Air Company aims to work with nature and develop technologies that mimic photosynthetic to utilize as much CO2 as possible.

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