Breaking the 1000-Km Truck Range Barrier 100-Kg Liquid Hydrogen System

May 15, 2024
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Breaking the 1000-Km Truck Range Barrier 100-Kg Liquid Hydrogen System
Breaking the 1000-Km Truck Range Barrier 100-Kg Liquid Hydrogen System source : CCTV News

The “Race Track 1000,” developed by Institute 101 of the Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation’s Sixth Academy, is China’s first hundred-kilogram-class vehicle-mounted liquid hydrogen system. It can replace traditional fuel with liquid hydrogen to power vehicles. Compared to the previous generation, “Race Track 1000” increases the effective volume by 20% under the same dimensions and raises the hydrogen carrying capacity to the hundred-kilogram level.

Liu Yutao, the chief hydrogen energy expert at Institute 101 of the Aerospace Science and Technology Group’s Sixth Academy, stated: “The system’s mass, hydrogen storage density, and refueling time parameters are on par with international advanced levels, and it is fully equipped with domestically produced components. The core technology is independently controllable, and the costs are over 30% lower than the previous generation, with further reductions expected after mass production.”

According to a report from Xinhua News Agency in Xi’an on May 11 (Reporter Zhang Yichen), the Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation’s Sixth Academy revealed that its Institute 101 has independently developed “Race Track 1000,” which was officially launched today. This product, a core component of liquid hydrogen heavy-duty trucks, will help hydrogen-powered heavy-duty trucks achieve a range of over 1000 kilometers, marking a significant technological breakthrough in China’s application of liquid hydrogen in the transportation sector.

During the product development and manufacturing process, relying on a key component and system-level testing system for vehicle-mounted liquid hydrogen systems established by the Aerospace Science and Technology Sixth Academy’s Institute 101, various liquid hydrogen tests and validations were conducted to ensure the product’s quality, stability, and reliability.

Experts explain that with the mass production and demonstration application of the product, it can significantly improve China’s hydrogen-powered heavy-duty truck level, provide important technical and equipment foundations for promoting the transformation of the energy structure and practicing green, low-carbon transportation, thus aiding the high-quality development of China’s hydrogen energy industry. The Aerospace Science and Technology Sixth Academy stated that the successful development of this system is a vital practice in vigorously developing new energy and production capacities and promoting the construction of a strong transportation nation.

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