Barndominiums: The Best of Both Worlds for Rustic and Modern Design Lovers

May 6, 2023
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Barndominiums can be luxurious and offer a great way to disconnect from urban and work life. The term “barndominium” was coined by real estate developer Karl Nilsen in 1989. People all over the country are building freestanding barn-shaped structures as homes or converting existing structures into these cozy, farm-chic residences.

The cost to build a barndominium can vary greatly depending on factors such as size, site accessibility, materials, and features chosen. On average, an acre of land in the United States costs $3,380 to purchase, and it’s where the cost of building a barndominium will begin. Barndominiums are attractive and relatively low cost compared to a traditional stick-built home.

Barndominiums combine both rural and modern features, resulting in truly stunning and unique living areas. Barndominiums have a lofted open space that can have many design and function possibilities. The average size of a barndominium is around 2,200 square feet with a ceiling height of around 14 feet. A barndominium is mostly made of steel, while a standard home is made of wood, brick, or a combination of the two.

Barndominiums have resale value and offer a low-maintenance lifestyle. The traditional “box barn” style of design is long gone, and creative options are coming to the market that can appeal to a wide range of buyers. The large, open great room concept combined with vaulted ceilings makes for a grand living experience and provides a great place to entertain guests.

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Building a barndominium from scratch costs more than converting an original barn. For a newly built home, you need to draft design plans, lay a foundation, buy materials for all the construction, and account for any landscaping, fencing, and additions you’d like to see. Local building codes in more metropolitan areas may limit or restrict the ability to build a new barndominium.

Barndominiums offer a modern-farmhouse vibe with a low-maintenance lifestyle. Barndominiums have strong Wi-Fi, which is useful for remote work. The reclaimed wood and 10-foot butcher block island in the kitchen nook add to the luxury of a barndominium. People who prefer a more urban lifestyle versus rural living are also getting in on the rising “barndo” trend.

A barndominium can be a smart choice for anyone who loves the look and custom-building process. The buyer can work with the architect to create exactly the footprint they want versus converting an existing structure. Barndominiums are an excellent way to blend rustic and modern design elements into a unique and stylish home.

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