Rise of AI: Will it End Coding as We Know It? Developers Express Anxious Concerns

May 6, 2023
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The developers of software are anxious about the impact of generative AI on their profession. ChatGPT- like large language models, has been trained on vast code repositories and can write excellent code.

In order to improve efficiency, AI-powered coding assistants like CodeWhisperer have been developed by companies like Amazon and Google. According to researchers, 19% of workers hold jobs in which at least half their tasks could be completed by AI.

The finding of the study was that computer programming was particularly at risk for automation. Recognizing its ability to turbocharge programming, tech companies have rushed to embrace generative AI. The number of engineers needed to reduce significantly or even eliminate the need for programmers altogether can be caused by AI.

The end of coding, as we know it, is marked by the rise of AI. AI may help humans write code faster, making coders of the future more sought-after than they are today, as the demand for software may be limitless. Human coders may find new ways to make themselves useful, even as AI takes over the bulk of coding.

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The jobs of bank tellers did not disappear with the advent of ATMs, and their numbers actually grew between 1980 and 2010. Making coders more valuable than ever, optimists predict that the productivity gains from AI will increase the demand for software.

People who write instructions for machines feel untouchable, as coding is a haven from the relentless advance of technology. Policymakers encouraged people to learn to code, and universities rushed to expand their computer science programs.

As they are also vulnerable to automation, coding jobs require more education and come with high salaries. AI was not expected by the researchers to automate jobs that require more education and come with big salaries.

It is not hard to envision a future where we will need fewer engineers than we do today, as tech companies are rushing to deploy AI. According to some experts, there will be no programmers in five years.

The fear of software developers is that they will soon be automated themselves. The end of coding, as we know it, is marked by AI, and we need to consider the case for optimism. As per the rosiest outlook, all the productivity gains from AI will turbocharge the demand for software, making the coders of the future even more sought-after than today.

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