Berlin’s Tegel Projekt is Transforming Abandoned Airport into a Sustainable Living Hub

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Tegel Projekt is a never before initiative that aims to repurpose a decommissioned airport into a sustainable, futuristic development.

The project is divided into two sections: the Urban Tech Republic, which tends to eco-friendly technologies for urban centers, and the Schumacher Quartier, a car-free housing development with over 5,000 apartments.

Tegel Projekt is designed wholistically to promote walkability, affordability, and environmental sustainability by incorporating green spaces and car-free zones throughout the development.

The Schumacher Quartier will boast green bike lanes, walking paths, two schools, numerous daycares, and plenty of retail stores, all within walking distance of each other.

The housing development will focus on accessibility, with exceptions made for those with mobility issues, and will also provide more than enough public and green spaces for residents to enjoy.

The entire district is being developed considering the growing population of Berlin while maintaining a commitment to sustainability and affordability.

The Urban Tech Republic section of Tegel Projekt will be home to numerous startups working on innovative solutions for green cities of the future.

The project design will also incorporate sustainable features such as green roofs, rainwater harvesting, and renewable energy systems to reduce its carbon footprint.

Tegel Projekt has the potential to bring in a new approach for sustainable urban development while presenting how abandoned spaces can be transformed into vibrant, eco-friendly communities.

Rahul Somvanshi

Rahul is a filmmaker and photographer, with a passion for environmentally helpful technology, design, and science. Always mindful of climate change's impact, he writes to highlight the latest updates on potential solutions that can benefit the planet.

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