Zen Yachts and Ayro: Collaborating for a Greener Nautical Experience

May 26, 2023
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Alongside the electric car market, significant traction is being gained by the electrified boating industry. Ocean Zero, an investment firm focused on sustainable aquatic travel, has given Series A funding to Zen Yachts. A startup that specializes in the design and manufacture of electric watercraft is Zen Yachts.

A 51.5-foot fully electric catamaran, the upcoming Zen50 concept, is being developed by Zen Yachts. The Zen 50 offers a 12-passenger capacity, four bedrooms with attached bathrooms, a complete kitchen, and three levels of space. A carbon fiber multi-hulled design is adopted by the Zen50 to maximize range.

Two 50 kW electric motors and a 160 kWh LFP battery pack provide propulsion for the Zen50. As a standard on the Zen50, additional power is provided by a rooftop solar array. In order to enhance the boat’s performance, Zen Yachts has partnered with wing sail firm Ayro. Offering double the performance of traditional sails, the boat’s performance is enhanced by Ayro wing sails, which have adjustable angles of attack and camber.

With the combination of a fully automated wing sail and a solar roof on the Zen50, an emission-free sailing yacht is created. Naval architect Julian Melot is the designer of the yacht, which features luxurious amenities. Enabling it to reach a maximum speed of 14 knots, a high-capacity battery powers the Zen50.

Considered a technological breakthrough, Zen50 showcases the potential of sustainability in the yachting industry. Catering to different uses and owner profiles, three different versions of the Zen50, namely the Racer, Cruiser, and Explorer, are available.

Ensuring high efficiency, a weight of 16 tons, and over 1 kw per displaced ton of water are offered by the Zen50. Designed for utmost efficiency, the hulls of the Zen50 are built with carbon fiber and corecell composites. With the help of optional Ayro wing sails, the Zen50‘s cruising speed can be increased to 6–9 knots. Depending on trim level and options, pricing for the solar-only Zen50 ranges from $1,700,000 to $2,100,000.

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By opting for the Ayro wing sales, the pricing is increased to $ 2,150, 000 and $ 2,650, 000, respectively. To be built in Spain, the Zen50’s approximate lead time from order to delivery is 14 months. The Zen50 offers luxury amenities, including multiple dining areas, a professional galley, and ensuite cabins for up to 12 guests.

Relying on a 160 kWh  battery bank and solar energy, operation without any fossil fuels onboard is enabled by the Zen50. The aim of Zen Yachts is to achieve a zero-carbon footprint by 2030, prioritizing safety with redundant electrical and insubmersible compartments.

The company offers an in-depth practical course on safety equipment usage and management for Zen50 owners. Contributing to low operating costs, cruises in remote areas without refueling concerns are made possible by the Zen50. With its partnership with Ayro and its innovative features, Zen50 has gained a position as a game-changer in sustainable boating.

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