World’s First Removable Tank System Hydrogen SUV Wins Green Good Design Award: Pininfarina’s Namx HUV

June 28, 2023
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Pininfarina, the Italian design house, has been awarded the Green Good Design Sustainability Award in 2023 for its Namx HUV (Hydrogen Utility Vehicle). The Namx HUV is a hydrogen-powered SUV that features a removable tank system, allowing for seamless and carbon-free mobility. It is the world’s first car to incorporate this patented removable tank system, which aims to revolutionize clean mobility and make hydrogen fuel more widely available. The Namx HUV was developed by Pininfarina in collaboration with the De Lussac design studio.

The Green Good Design Sustainability Award is given to individuals, companies, organizations, governments, and institutions for their contributions in promoting a healthier and more sustainable world. The award celebrates Pininfarina’s work in designing innovative and sustainable solutions as well as sustainable business models.

The Namx HUV is equipped with a central fixed tank and six removable hydrogen capsules located at the rear of the vehicle. These capsules can be easily removed and replaced, allowing for quick refueling and reducing the downtime associated with traditional fueling methods. The HUV has a range of 700 to 800 kilometers and emits zero carbon emissions.

The capsules can be refilled at hydrogen filling stations or potentially delivered to users’ homes through a future distribution system called CapXtores. CapXtores is envisioned as a network of hydrogen tank libraries, similar to bus shelters, where users can exchange their empty capsules for filled ones. This decentralized distribution model aims to make clean mobility more accessible and convenient for users.

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The Namx HUV’s design was a collaborative effort between DE LUSSAC Studio and Pininfarina. Inspired by American muscle cars from the 1960s and science-fiction aesthetics, the design team aimed to create a fusion of futuristic elements, muscular volumes, and a touch of retro styling. Pininfarina’s expertise in car design and craftsmanship added a European elegance and refined finishing touches to the overall design.

The Namx HUV represents a shift towards hydrogen-powered vehicles as an alternative to traditional internal combustion engines and battery-powered electric vehicles. Hydrogen cars, such as the Namx HUV, utilize fuel cells or hydrogen internal combustion engines to produce the necessary electrical energy for propulsion. Unlike electric cars, which rely on metals like cobalt and lithium, hydrogen cars generate electricity through the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen, emitting no pollutants or fine particles and resulting in neutral greenhouse gas emissions.

In terms of availability, the Namx HUV is scheduled for release at the end of 2025, with a price range between 65,000 euros and 95,000 euros, depending on the selected options. The design team also plans to establish 4,000 CapXtores across Europe, making it easier for users to access hydrogen capsules for their vehicles. The capsules can be transported periodically to hydrogen charging stations by approved transporters, ensuring a consistent supply of hydrogen fuel. The Namx HUV showcases Pininfarina’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and creating a superior driving experience while contributing to a greener future.

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