Weekly News – Ukraine Environment, Queensland’s New Coalmine, Viruses Hitchhiking On Plastic & More

July 8, 2022
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  1. Hubballi – Ankola Railway Line Undermines The Ancient Evergreen Forests of Uttara Kannada. Just Over 3,300 sq. km. of evergreen forest have been cleared during the past 50 years. It could send the ecological balance into shambles if 2 lakh more trees will cut for HARP.
  2. NHRC has delivered a notice to environment ministry on air pollution impacting lifeexpectancy. The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) said in a statement explained that air pollution poses a serious threat to human health in India, shortening life expectancy by an average of five years and by 9.7 years for residents of Delhi.
  3. Ukraine set to face Catastrophic Environmental Costs due to Russia’s Invasion Of Ukraine . Environmental harm caused by Russia’s invasion might haunt Ukraine for years to come. Ukrainians will be facing ground water contamination along with blanket of air pollution caused by the war.
  4. Queensland govt. gives environmental approval to New Acland coal mine expansion. Australia the biggest exporter of coal will get An open-cut coal mine near Toowoomba. It will not be surprising if an expansion proposal will follow after Queensland’s approval. Environmentalists say this development should be viewed “with dread.”
  5. New study finds Viruses survive in freshwater by ‘hitchhiking’ on plastic.
    Researchers discovered that hazardous viruses may hitch a ride on plastic in fresh water for up to three days and remain contagious.
  6. Over 10% of all cancer cases in Europe are attributable to exposure to air pollution, second-hand smoking, radon, UV radiation, certain chemicals, and other contaminants, according to a EEA report. The good news is that these dangers can be avoided.

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