Volkswagen’s ID. GTI Concept is Driving Us into an Electrifying Future of Diverse E-Mobility!

September 27, 2023
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GTI Concept

Volkswagen is charging ahead, unveiling the electrifying ID. GTI Concept at IAA Mobility in Munich and giving us a sneak peek into the future of the iconic GTI! By 2027, they’re rolling out eleven new electric models, aiming to have the most diverse electric vehicle range out there.

Thomas Schäfer, the CEO, is all in, emphasizing Volkswagen’s commitment to a diverse range of vehicles to meet every customer’s needs. The ID. GTI Concept? It’s not just a car; it’s a statement – a Volkswagen sports car that’s all about driving pleasure and sustainability, ready to hit the roads in 2027.

But that’s not all! Volkswagen is also introducing the ID.7, their first all-electric saloon, with an impressive range of up to 700 kilometres. And guess what? Presales have already started!

At the international motor show, Volkswagen showcased a variety of vehicles, including the new generations of the Passat and Tiguan, and they’re not stopping there. They’re continuing to enhance their combustion engine models and by 2033, they’re aiming to produce only electric vehicles in Europe.

Volkswagen’s ACCELERATE strategy is all about realigning model planning and focusing on the customers. They’re introducing affordable mobility products like the ID. 2all, an electric car priced under 25,000 euros, coming in 2026.

GTI Concept

The design? It’s evolving, focusing on stability, likeability, excitement, and a high-quality, intuitive user experience. They’re also enhancing features in software and infotainment across all models.

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Volkswagen is engaging with the community, hosting discussions, concerts, and panel discussions on social topics at the Open Space at Odeonsplatz until 10 September. Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of their activities at the IAA, with Imelda Labbé, a board member, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to eliminating barriers.

GTI Concept

Volkswagen’s approachability and dedication to understanding customer needs are evident. Their presence in the heart of Munich’s city centre signifies their commitment to being a brand for all people.

GTI Concept

The unveiling of the ID. GTI Concept is a pivotal moment, combining emotion, sustainability, and driving pleasure. The diverse range of vehicles presented highlights Volkswagen’s adaptability and readiness for the future of mobility.

Volkswagen’s balanced approach to introducing new electric models and continuing efficient combustion engine vehicles demonstrates their commitment to meeting customer needs. Their focus on core models and initiatives in diversity, inclusion, and community engagement reflect their values and commitment to being an accessible and approachable brand.

GTI Concept

In a nutshell, Volkswagen’s electric offensive, community engagement, and commitment to diversity and inclusion are shaping its identity as a brand poised for the future of mobility. So, gear up, Volkswagen enthusiasts, the future is electric and it’s looking bright!

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