Seattle’s Historic Mosquito Fleet Could Turn Green with Candela!

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Eco-Friendly Recreational Boating: Candela’s C-8 CC Electric Hydrofoil Boat
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Hey Seattle, guess what? The good old Mosquito Fleet might just be making a splash again, but this time, it’s got a green and futuristic makeover! Candela, this super cool tech company, is behind this awesome change, bringing us the world’s first-ever electric hydrofoiling vessels – talk about a major upgrade from the old steamships!

Gustav Hasselskog, the head honcho at Candela, spilled, “We were all about boats, then came cars and trains because they were quicker and cheaper. But guess what? We’re flipping the script again!” These new boats are not just kind to Mother Earth, but they’re also cutting energy use by a massive 80% compared to the regular ones.

Here’s the techy bit – Candela’s boats have wings under the hull, which means they ‘fly’ above water. Cool, right? This cuts down on energy use and costs. Plus, no wake means they might just dodge those speed limits, something they’ve already pulled off in Stockholm!

But Candela’s dreaming big – they’re not just stopping at transport. Hasselskog’s got his eyes on turning Seattle’s empty waterways into “green highways for speedy travel.” Their P-12 Shuttle is already a hit in Stockholm, cutting commute times in half, and now, it’s Seattle’s turn for a faster and greener ride.

Candela pitt stopped in Seattle to show off their futuristic boats. What was on showcase? The P-12 Shuttle, a sure game-changer, promising quicker commutes, new direct routes, less traffic, and fresher air for all of us!

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Also you can’t miss the Candela C-8 – its electric hydrofoiling at its finest, setting new standards for green travel. Hasselskog says it’s like a “magic carpet ride,” super smooth and silent, just like gliding in a sailplane.

Candela’s tackling the old challenges of water travel head-on. The P-12 is as green as a hybrid bus and as handy as a city bus, carrying 30 passengers and even making room for bikes and wheelchairs.

Hasselskog got a fresh take – “Switching out a few big boats for lots of smaller ones means more trips and new routes.” It’s a throwback to the Mosquito Fleet days, but now, the talk is electric and flying!

Candela showcased their cool tech at Bell Harbor Marina and Lake Washington from September 13 to 17. It was a peek into a green future and a chance to reimagine how you could zip around the gorgeous city, all while tipping hats to Seattle’s maritime history.

The Mosquito Fleet could be back soon, all decked out with Candela’s innovative tech, offering us a green, speedy, and futuristic travel experience. It’s a sweet blend of the old and the new, giving us a chance to rethink city travel while celebrating Seattle’s maritime roots. 

Source: Candela

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