UrbanGlide Series: Navigating City Streets with Vanpowers’ Latest E-Bike Innovations

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The UrbanGlide series from Vanpowers is making waves in the e-bike world, especially with its latest Black Friday deals. This series, including the Ultra, Pro, and Standard models, stands out with its step-through design and high performance. The UrbanGlide Ultra, the top-tier model, boasts a 500W mid-drive motor, suspension fork, a comfortable suspension seat post and saddle, and a long-range battery, perfect for both city commuting and off-road adventures. The VanPowers UrbanGlide-Pro electric bike has garnered attention for its blend of urban functionality and smooth riding experience. Here’s a breakdown of its key features, sticking strictly to the facts and technical aspects.


Design and Build

  • Frame Colors: Available in remy green, lava red, zircon gray.
  • Size Options: Offered in small and large; the large frame suits riders between 5’6″ to 6’3″.
  • Weight: Hits the scales at 70.55 lbs.

Technical Specs

  • Motor Power: Comes with a 500W brushless hub motor.
  • Battery Performance: Boasts a range of 65-70 miles, a significant figure for urban commutes.
  • Pedal Assistance: Features pedal assist and throttle modes.
  • Braking System: Equipped with hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors, ensuring reliable stopping power.
  • Gearing: Includes a 9-speed Microshift RD-M26L derailleur for versatile cycling.

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User Experience

  • Assembly: Mostly pre-assembled, with minimal setup needed.
  • Ride Feel: Described as exceptionally smooth, with a gradual power assist that avoids the jarring acceleration found in some e-bikes.
  • Extras: Comes with practical accessories like lights, a 55 lbs capacity rack, a bell, and fenders.

Unique Characteristics

  • Suspension: Features a Zoom adjustable suspension seat post, enhancing comfort on urban roads.
  • Speed Control: Despite its powerful motor, the bike caps at 20 mph, offering a controlled, safe riding experience.
  • Aesthetics: The integrated battery design lends a sleek, uncluttered look.

Potential Areas for Improvement

  • Seat Comfort: Some may find the seat hard; a budget for an aftermarket seat could be a wise investment.
  • Gearing System: The gear shifter might require an adjustment period, especially for those used to more traditional setups.


  • Battery Management: The battery has a sleep mode to conserve power, but this might require a manual wake-up, a detail that could be overlooked.
  • App Integration: Offers a companion app for tracking rides, maintenance, and software updates.

Overall Impression and the Sale

The VanPowers UrbanGlide-Pro positions itself as a solid option for urban cyclists, balancing power and comfort. While it may have some quirks like the seat hardness and the gear shifter’s learning curve, its comprehensive range, efficient motor, and thoughtful design make it a contender in the urban e-bike space.Now, with the Black Friday promotion, this model is $400 off.

Vanpowers’ sale doesn’t just stop at discounts. Buyers of any UrbanGlide e-bike also get two valuable accessories: a $35 folding lock for security and a $99 waterproof pannier rear rack bag for extra storage. The deals offer savings up to $534, making the starting price as low as $999.

Victor, the Marketing Manager at Vanpowers, is excited about this promotion, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to offering stylish and high-performance e-bikes at great prices. These deals are ideal for those looking for holiday gifts or preparing for spring outings.

About Vanpowers: This brand is known for its eco-friendly, high-quality e-bikes, designed for enhancing outdoor experiences across varied terrains. Their efficient supply chain ensures fast delivery, usually within 3 to 7 business days.

Reviewers tested the UrbanGlide Pro highlighted its 500W motor, essential for hilly areas, and its thumb throttle, which adds to safety and convenience. While the bike’s assembly is straightforward, the packing quality is notably excellent. The Pro model impresses with its power, quiet operation, effective brakes, and overall performance. However, a more comfortable seat and an illuminated battery power button are suggested improvements. The bike’s range is about 35-40 miles per charge under typical use, with a charging time of about 4.5 hours. The sleek battery integration and color matching with the frame are aesthetic pluses.

Vanpowers’ Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales include up to 50% off on select models, with the City Vanture, another popular model, available for $859 (down from $1699) using a special discount code. The City Vanture, known for its ultra-light frame and classic look, features a quiet belt drive system and can travel up to 50 miles on a two-hour charge, extendable to 80 miles with an additional battery.

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