Lotus Type 136: The E-Bike That’s Redefining Performance with Automotive Expertise

November 11, 2023
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Lotus Type 136 E-Bike - Standard Model
Lotus Type 136 E-Bike - Standard Model

Lotus, renowned for its high-octane sports cars, has shifted gears into the e-bike lane with the Type 136. This isn’t just a bike; it’s a blend of Lotus’s 75-year legacy in high-performance design and a leap into the future of e-bikes.

At the heart of the Type 136 is its groundbreaking motor, the lightest e-bike motor from High Performance System (HPS), tipping the scales at just 300 grams. This engineering feat, inspired by the Mars Lander Project, keeps the total motor system weight to a mere 1.2kg. The result? A bike that weighs in at only 9.8kg, embodying Lotus’s dedication to lightweight design.

Lotus Type 136 E-Bike – Standard Model

Crafted in Italy, the Type 136’s design is as sleek as it is functional. Its carbon fibre frame and cutting-edge components are topped off with an aerodynamic design, reminiscent of Lotus’s Olympic velodrome triumphs. The V-shaped handlebars, wing-shaped forks, and vaulted chain stays aren’t just for show; they slice through the air, making every ride smoother and faster.

The bike’s battery, masquerading as a water bottle, can be popped off the frame with ease, adding to its sleek look and practicality.

This isn’t a mass-produced bike; it’s a collector’s dream. Only 136 of these will be made, each with its own number and a unique Lotus motorsport-inspired livery.

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Sir Chris Hoy, Olympic legend and Lotus ambassador, couldn’t hide his excitement at the Type 136’s launch. He reminisced about the iconic Lotus bikes that had inspired him and countless others.

“This is an incredible bike, which says so much about the pioneering endeavours of Lotus and the iconic status of its bikes over the years. As a teenager I vividly remember watching Chris Boardman powering Type 108 to a gold medal in Barcelona in 1992 and smashing records on Type 110 to wear the yellow jersey in the Tour de France two years later.”

Sir Chris Hoy, Six-Time Olympic Champion
Lotus Type 136 E-Bike – Standard Model

Feng Qingfeng, the CEO of Lotus Group, summed it up perfectly: “I am proud to launch the Lotus Type 136 as the next chapter in our high-performance journey. For the past 75 years, Lotus has been relentlessly pushing the boundaries of innovation on the road and track. Type 136 shows that we continue to do so.”

Unveiled at a VIP event in London and set to be showcased at Rouleur LIVE, the Type 136 is priced at £20,000 / €25,000, placing it firmly in the luxury e-bike segment.

Lotus Type 136 E-Bike – Standard Model

In essence, the Lotus Type 136 is more than just an e-bike; it’s a fusion of Lotus’s rich heritage and a bold step into the future of cycling. With its unmatched lightness, advanced technology, and sleek design, the Type 136 is a testament to Lotus’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of e-bikes.

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