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Lotus Emeya Unveiled: The Dawn of Electric GT Era!

September 15, 2023
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Lotus has unveiled the Emeya, a groundbreaking electric grand tourer (GT) designed for driving enthusiasts. The Emeya is set to be one of the world’s fastest electric GTs, boasting an acceleration of 0-62mph (0-100km/h) in under 2.8 seconds. Slated for production in 2024, the Emeya will serve as the flagship model in Lotus’s lineup of luxury performance electric vehicles.

Lotus Emeya

The Emeya’s launch was celebrated with a three-day immersive experience in New York City, named Studio Emeya. Feng Qingfeng, CEO of Lotus Group, emphasized the brand’s rich heritage combined with modern technologies to create a luxury EV that’s truly for the drivers. Advanced aerodynamic features, including an active front grille, rear diffuser, and rear spoiler, are integrated into the Emeya’s design.

Lotus Emeya

Lotus introduces the term ‘hyperstance’ to describe the car’s low center of gravity, enhancing stability and setting a new GT segment standard. The Emeya is equipped with an electronically controlled air suspension system that senses the road 1,000 times per second for optimal ride comfort. The high-power dual motor setup allows the Emeya to reach speeds exceeding 155mph (250km/h). Charging capabilities are a highlight, with the ability to add 93 miles (150km) of range in just five minutes using a 350kW DC fast charger.

Lotus Emeya

Emphasizing sustainability, the Emeya incorporates materials like repurposed fibers from the fashion industry and sustainably sourced PVD aluminum. Inside, passengers can enjoy an immersive audio experience, thanks to a collaboration with KEF, featuring Dolby Atmos-enabled 3D surround sound. Ben Payne, Vice-President of Design at Lotus Group, described the Emeya as a unique Lotus creation, blending luxury with performance.

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The name ‘Emeya’ was carefully chosen to represent Lotus’s ambition and commitment to this innovative vehicle. By 2028, Lotus aims to establish itself as a global performance brand, with the Emeya playing a pivotal role in this vision. The Emeya’s global premiere took place in New York City, offering attendees a glimpse into Lotus’s past, present, and future.

The Emeya’s design is heavily influenced by aerodynamics, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. Lotus has incorporated advanced sustainable materials in the Emeya’s design, reducing its carbon footprint. The Emeya is expected to challenge established electric sedans like the Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan Turbo. The Emeya’s active aerodynamic features, such as the grille and spoilers, are designed to maximize efficiency and performance.

The Emeya’s interior boasts luxury textiles like Alcantara, Nappa leather, and Ultrafabrics PU, sourced from the fashion industry. Lotus has integrated cutting-edge tech like a 55-inch augmented reality head-up display, digital mirrors, and LiDAR modules in the Emeya. The Emeya’s Electric Premium Architecture (EPA) platform, derived from Geely’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA), supports its performance.

Lotus Emeya

With a 102 kWh battery pack, the Emeya can charge at 350 kilowatts, adding 93 miles of range in just five minutes. The Emeya’s impressive performance figures include 905 horsepower and 726 pound-feet of torque. The all-wheel-drive EV’s top speed is capped at 159 mph, and it features a two-speed transmission. Lotus emphasizes the Emeya’s race-grade braking system and advanced chassis tech.

Lotus Emeya

Production details for the Emeya will be revealed in 2023, with manufacturing set to commence in 2024 at Lotus’s Geely-owned plant in Wuhan, China. The Emeya is expected to hit the US market by Q4 2024. By 2025, Lotus anticipates that 30% of its total sales will come from the US market. After facing challenges in the EV era, Lotus has seen a surge in orders, with over 17,000 combined for the Eletre and Emira.

Lotus Emeya

The Emeya’s introduction could play a crucial role in turning Lotus’s fortunes around in the electric vehicle market. The Emeya follows the Eletre SUV, showcasing Lotus’s commitment to electric vehicle innovation. Lotus’s new architecture for electric vehicles is evident in the Emeya, which shares the platform with the previously released Eletre SUV. The Emeya stands as a testament to Lotus’s evolution since its acquisition by Geely in 2017. “This is a Lotus like you’ve never seen before,” said Ben Payne, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to innovation and performance.

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