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Underdog Alert: How Tesla’s Model S Plaid Takes On the Supercar World!

August 13, 2023
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In the realm of automotive prowess, the Tesla Model S Plaid has emerged as a silent yet formidable contender, challenging the very essence of traditional drag racing. While the internet is abuzz with its impressive feats against gasoline-powered supercars, it’s essential to remember that it’s not the ultimate speed demon on the block.

A recent video from The Triple F Collection YouTube Channel showcased a thrilling showdown. The stage was set with three automotive giants: the ultra-rare Bugatti Chiron Super Sport, the Rimac Nevera, and the Tesla Model S Plaid. The Chiron, with its quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W16 engine, boasts a staggering 1,577 horsepower. Its elongated body, designed for stability at high speeds, complements its electronically limited top speed of 273 mph. With only nine units ever produced and a price tag of $3.5 million, it’s a testament to Bugatti’s commitment to exclusivity.

On the other hand, the Rimac Nevera, priced at an estimated $2.2 million, is an electric marvel. With four electric motors churning out a combined 1,914 hp and 1,714 lb-ft of torque, it’s no surprise that it recently set multiple speed records. The Nevera’s acceleration is jaw-dropping, reaching 60 mph in a mere 1.74 seconds.

Then there’s the Tesla Model S Plaid, the underdog in this high-stakes race. Priced at a relatively modest $109,000, it’s a testament to Tesla’s innovation. With 1,020 hp and a tri-motor setup, it can sprint from 0 to 60 mph in under 2 seconds. But it’s not just about raw power. The Model S Plaid represents a shift in the automotive landscape, proving that electric vehicles can stand toe-to-toe with traditional supercars.

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However, the world of drag racing isn’t just about high-end supercars. A video from the Wheels YouTube channel brought another intriguing matchup: the Tesla Model S Plaid versus a modified Dodge Challenger Hellcat. While the Dodge’s exact specifications remain a mystery, its appearance suggests a custom job, possibly rivaling the factory-made Challenger Drag Pak of 2019. The fact that a family EV like the Model S Plaid can compete with a purpose-built muscle car is a testament to Tesla’s engineering prowess.

Yet, the Model S Plaid’s challenges don’t end there. CarWow, a popular YouTube channel, pitted it against the Ferrari SF90 and Porsche 911 Turbo S. While the Tesla boasts impressive specs, its weight, a hefty 4,828 pounds, could be its Achilles heel, especially when compared to the lighter Ferrari and Porsche.

Despite this, the Model S Plaid showcased its mettle. Although it secured second place in the first race, it dominated the next two, proving that it’s not just about raw specs but also about real-world performance.

As the automotive world evolves, the Tesla Model S Plaid serves as a reminder of the potential of electric vehicles. While it might not be the fastest car out there, its ability to challenge traditional supercars and muscle cars alike is commendable. However, it’s crucial to approach these races with a grain of salt. They might not be official, but they offer a glimpse into the future of racing.

The Tesla Model S Plaid is more than just a car; it’s a statement. It challenges conventions and pushes the boundaries of what’s possible. As the automotive world stands at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, vehicles like the Model S Plaid will undoubtedly shape the future. But for now, all eyes are on the track, eagerly awaiting the next showdown.

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