Sydney’s Wettest Year Since 1858, Unborn Babies Exposed  To Air Pollution, Biden Says End Of Climate Discussion & More – Weekly News 

October 7, 2022
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1. According to a new report published in Lancet unborn babies are exposed to air pollutants during pregnancy. Air pollution particles were found in baby’s organs like liver, brain & lungs. When the particles reach the brain it raises concerns as it might have long lasting effects.

2. Joe Biden declares end of discussion regarding the effects of climate change while addressing The Hurricane Ian in Florida. Biden is overseeing a  landmark $430bn climate bill which might be the biggest till now. 

3. Sydney witnessed the wettest year since 1858. After a 164 years gap Sydney will brace for more heavier rains and floods. As the downpour continues Sydney witnessed 58 mm fell over five hours since 9 a.m. 

4. Lichens are a pioneer species which enable  all life -conserving them is vital. There is a unique lichen  park in Munsiyari, Uttarakhand. Lichen, which attracts pollinators, live with hosts like  brown oak and thus they are friends forever.

5.Australia lists small wallaby among  new endangered species. The green snake also finds a place among the 15 new endangered species. PM Anthony Albanese’s government a 10-year scheme to try & halt the extinction of these rare creatures.

Govind Tekale

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