U POWER Tech Unveils UP Super Board at CES 2024: The New 6-Month Shortcut in EV Development

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The UP Super Board and the Olympian Model O1 on display at CES
The UP Super Board and the Olympian Model O1 on display at CES P.C - GOOGLE

At the crowded CES 2024, U POWER Tech, a rising company in smart electric vehicle (EV) technology, showcased its UP Super Board. With the goal of saving a solid six months off development time, automakers can use this skateboard chassis as a handy starting point. The UP Super Board is a game-changer for the electric car industry, providing a plug-and-play base for a wide range of vehicle models, from sedans to SUVs. It is more than just an innovation.

Also on display was the UP VAN, which was U POWER’s first electric van created using this technology. With a substantial 3,500-pound payload, a roomy 339 cubic feet cargo area, and a respectable 171-mile range on a single charge, it’s a logistician’s dream. These numbers demonstrate U POWER’s dedication to realistic, effective urban transportation solutions in addition to being amazing in and of itself.

U POWER announced partnerships with global business partners

The first EV startup based in New York, Olympian Motors, received the UP Super Board first, paving the way for their Model O1. This collaboration demonstrates a common goal for EV innovation and market growth. In a similar vein, LUMOS EV Inc. of Detroit has jumped on board and modified the UP VAN for their LUMOS LC2, with a mid-2024 release date in Mexico in mind.

With alliances in Southeast Asia, Europe, and Japan, U POWER is extending its reach in line with their goal of igniting the global EV industry. Their partnerships with industry titans like Bosch and AI trailblazers like NVIDIA highlight their technological strength.

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U POWER, a 2021 startup with a foot in Shanghai and Silicon Valley, is a mash-up of skill from IT companies, OEMs, and EV startups. It’s not just about creating cars; it’s also about connecting all EVs worldwide, which enables producers to swiftly and effectively satisfy regional preferences.

Since its 2023 introduction, their vehicle has already attracted interest, with over 53,000 UP VAN orders placed worldwide. This figure represents the market’s confidence in U POWER’s vision; it is more than just a figure.

Johnny Cooper, Founder and CEO of LUMOS EV (left) & Paul Li, U POWER Founder and CEO

The CEO of U POWER, Paul Li, isn’t afraid to express their goals. “We are pushing the boundary beyond the industry’s current chassis capabilities,” he remarked, highlighting their significance in altering EV development.

But new models and alliances aren’t the only things involved. There’s also the aspect of sustainability. EVs are more than just cars; they are a part of a greater story about environmental awareness. The strategy used by U POWER, which provides effective, environmentally friendly transportation options, fits this story.

Eren Alan Canarslan, Founder and CEO of Olympian Motors (left) & Paul Li, U POWER Founder and CEO

At CES 2024, U POWER is presenting a vision for an electric vehicle (EV) future that is more connected, efficient, and sustainable than just introducing new goods. This trip begins with the UP Super Board and UP VAN.

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