Hyundai Mobis Unveils MOBION: The Sideways-Dancing EV Sensation of CES 2024!

January 11, 2024
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Hyundai Mobis reveals MOBION, equipped with next-generation ‘e-Corner System’ electric vehicle mobility technologies, at CES 2024. Photo Source: Hyundai Mobis

The MOBION, a groundbreaking electric vehicle (EV) from Hyundai Mobis, was introduced at CES 2024 in a stunning demonstration of technological innovation. Along with embodying the fundamental technologies of Hyundai Mobis, this car also represents a major advancement in EV capabilities, especially with its next-generation ‘e-Corner System’. Unlike regular EVs, the MOBION is designed to perform extraordinary manoeuvres including stationary pivot spins and sideways and diagonal motions.

‘e-Corner System’ is the key of MOBION’s inventive power. The foundation of this system is “In-Wheel” technology, one of four major technologies it uses. MOBION is an electric vehicle (EV) that has four little motors within each wheel, as opposed to the usual EV’s one huge motor. Because of this special arrangement, each wheel can generate power independently, improving control and mobility. Braking, steering, and suspension functions are integrated into the In-Wheel system through the e-Corner System, which harmonizes various functions for smooth operation. Hyundai Mobis successfully tested this technology on the road in 2023, demonstrating that it is ready for practical use.

The MOBION’s integration of autonomous driving sensor and lamp technology is another ground-breaking feature. Three lidar systems are installed on the car: a long-range lidar at the front center and two short-range lidars close to the headlamps. This configuration improves the car’s detection and navigation of around objects, especially while performing intricate manoeuvres like diagonal lane changes.

MOBION’s remarkable mobility features are complemented by sophisticated “Exterior Lighting” and display features. Critical data, including the direction of pedestrian movement at junctions, can be displayed via an LED mounted on the front bumper in conjunction with a short-range lidar. In a similar vein, the rear bumper’s purpose is to warn oncoming traffic, improving general safety.

Furthermore, Hyundai Mobis exhibited its “Ground Projection” capability at CES. This function projects the direction of travel of the vehicle on the ground in conjunction with the e-Corner System. This helps by giving pedestrians and other road users visible advice during atypical motions like diagonal or lateral shifts.

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At CES 2024, Hyundai Mobis also unveiled a transparent display technology. This cutting-edge technology projects driving information onto a transparent panel, giving it a wider and deeper display than a head-up display. It is predicted that this innovation will increase safety because it will enable drivers to obtain information without taking their eyes off the road.

Hyundai Mobis unveiled a 22kW Integrated Charging Control Unit (ICCU), alluding to a prevalent EV customer concern. With this approach, charging times should be greatly shortened without requiring modifications to car specifications. For example, if the 22kW ICCU can supply that much power, an EV with a 77kWh battery that would normally take about seven hours to charge with a Level 2 charger would only need about 3.5 hours. The acceleration of the charging process facilitates vehicle-to-grid (V2G) operations, enabling electric vehicles to serve as mobile power sources.

In conclusion, Hyundai Mobis’ MOBION, which will be on display at CES 2024, offers improved agility, safety features, and effective charging options. This represents a significant advancement in EV technology. The Hyundai Mobis’ CES premiere offers a preview of not only the vehicle’s present capabilities but also its potential future direction in electric transportation.

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