Trimble’s Precision Tech Empowers HALO Trust in Ukraine’s Landmine Clearance Mission!

November 7, 2023
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Trimble's Precision Tech Empowers HALO Trust in Ukraine's Landmine Clearance Mission!
Trimble Partners with HALO Trust for Landmine Clearance in Ukraine(CISION PR Newswire)

Trimble, a tech company known for precision, has teamed up with The HALO Trust, the front-line crew in the battle against landmines, to clear the explosive remnants that litter Ukraine like unwelcome brush after a forest blaze. The Trimble Foundation Fund has stepped up, providing a grant to HALO, much like a well-equipped firehouse supports its firefighters, enhancing their ability to detect and eliminate these hidden dangers.

Ukraine’s landscape, scarred by conflict, is peppered with an estimated 174,000 square kilometers of landmines and unexploded ordnance, a swath of land comparable to a combined area of Virginia, Maryland, and Connecticut. It’s a daunting challenge, but HALO’s team, over a thousand strong since 2016, is determined to clear the hazardous debris that blocks roads to recovery like fallen trees on a mountain pass.

Trimble’s tech gear, including the R1 and R2 GNSS receivers, has been like the trusty axes and shovels for HALO, helping them map out and remove the dangerous items. Now, with the addition of 255 Trimble DA2 GNSS receivers, complete with the Catalyst™ service, HALO’s toolkit has gotten a major upgrade. This gear, the largest hardware boost HALO has received, promises to sharpen their mapping precision, much like a firefighter’s keen sense of the wind aids in controlling a wildfire.

Chris Whatley of The HALO Trust USA shares their mission with clarity, “We are dedicated to saving lives by clearing landmines and other deadly explosives to make land safe. Only then can families rebuild their lives and walk without fear.” His words reflect a commitment as steadfast as a firefighter’s vow to protect the community.

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Emily Saunoi-Sandgren of the Trimble Foundation Fund speaks of their support with pride, “Saving lives through the removal of dangerous debris left from war is a courageous example of how humanitarian efforts can positively transform people’s lives and livelihoods. Supporting the HALO Trust’s important and impactful work helps the people of Ukraine and other countries worldwide recover and rebuild after conflict.” She sees the removal of wartime debris as a brave act that can rebuild lives, much like regrowth after a forest fire.

The HALO Trust has been in the demining field since the late ’80s, starting in Afghanistan’s troubled terrains. Today, they’re a global force, with 11,500 deminers, including a strong brigade of women, clearing the landmines that threaten lives like smoldering embers. Their educational efforts have reached millions, teaching them to spot and report dangers, a community effort akin to Smokey Bear’s message of fire prevention.

Trimble, meanwhile, stays true to its mission of connecting dots and lines, whether in construction, agriculture, or transportation, much like a fire lookout connecting smoke to potential fires. Their solutions are designed to build a sustainable future, as enduring as the oldest trees in a forest.

As this alliance takes shape, it’s a strategic move in a much larger battle. It’s about bringing safety back to communities, using the best tools and tech available, like a well-coordinated firefighting team that uses every resource at its disposal to tame the flames.  HALO’s mission and Trimble Foundation Fund, together, aren’t just clearing land; they’re nurturing the growth of safe, thriving communities.

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