Ukraine’s Habitat & Environment Is Being Deteriorated Due To The War

August 10, 2022
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A family walks amid destroyed Russian tanks in Bucha, on the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, Wednesday, April 6, 2022. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

Ukraine’s economy and environment have suffered because of the Russian invasion. The country has been increasing its effects to counter environmental conflicts since 2014. They had signed the European Union-Ukraine Association and had included an environmentally conscious transformation as part of their development plan. All their efforts are now at risk due to the invasion. Since the beginning of the invasion, massive damage has been done to both the environment and economy of Ukraine, experts say that this damage will have long-lasting effects on the human condition along with the environment and the economy.  

Despite the constant threat of war, the Government has already begun developing a plan to assist in their nation’s recovery. They have stuck to the principles of an environmentally conscious development with low-emission principles. As we will see later, Ukraine’s economy has relied on industries that cause high emissions. As a short-term plan, the government could focus on immediate threats, but their commitment to building a green economy is not only immensely desirable but should be considered a necessity.  

Ukraine has had a history of reliance on the energy sectors, which causes high pollution and is very intensive on the resources of the country. The country had been left behind with these systems by the Soviet Union. However, the technology was ineffectual, so their mining systems were resource-heavy and energy inefficient. The transport system of the nation further burdened their economy. The signing of the Revolution of Dignity helped accelerate Ukraine’s efforts and the country has taken the steps to convert its economy. These measures attempted to preserve the country’s internal resources, creating a sustainable system for the environment while boosting economic growth. Their efforts have not been dismissed by the international community, and Ukraine has received support from organizations such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).

Ukraine’s efforts have not been fruitless, the country has witnessed productivity bumps in its energy economy by 51% in the last decade. The populace has also been privy to benefits such as an improved sewage system which has doubled its reach. The economy has supported environmentally friendly changes, renewables have doubled their place as a primary energy supply, and the nation has increased the land counted as protected areas. Almost 7% of the nation’s land now receives the benefits of being protected. 

Ukraine has been gaining traction and has developed immensely in the past decade. All these developments are being threatened by Russia’s attack. The country’s movement toward a new sustainable economy may have been shattered due to the recent aggression. The attacks on the nation have decimated large swathes of natural reserves and have caused unchecked damage to the marine and land ecosystems. The attacks on their industries, transport and housing infrastructure have hurt the economy. The sewage system, which had been carefully developed, has suffered a setback along with other sanitation infrastructure. The destruction will have long-lasting effects on this nation’s health and economy.

The job of bringing the country back to its previous levels of functioning will take immense and organized work. These efforts will need heavy backing from the international community. To this end, Ukraine has created its National Council for Recovery from the War. They are also working on a Post-war Recovery and Development plan that will continue building on a green, low-emission economy. This plan has developed a five-factor approach through which they can restore their environment, and economy and help human recovery. The Ukraine government has made it clear that it intends to move away from a fossil fuel-based industry and that it will develop an economy that is environmentally sustainable. This government cannot view these green policies as non-essential but rather something that will help transform Ukraine, boost its economy, and build a net-zero economy, which many nations are striving for. 

Jonathan Santosh

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