THOR Industries Paves the Way for Electric RVs with Innovative Charging Stations

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Ample room to maneuver is central to the charging station concept.
Ample room to maneuver is central to the charging station concept. Source: Thor Industries

The recent unveiling of THOR Industries’ innovative EV charging station concept marks a significant advancement in the realm of electric recreational vehicles (eRVs). This forward-thinking design caters to the unique requirements of electric-powered RVs and EV tow vehicles, offering enhanced maneuverability and easy road access. The concept, showcased through state-of-the-art 3-D renderings, reflects THOR’s commitment to developing pull-through eRV-compatible chargers at popular RV destinations.

Key aspects of this concept include broad road access points, wide aisles between charger islands, ample maneuvering room for large motorized eRVs or EVs towing RVs, and various visitor amenities like restrooms, play, and picnic areas. Distinctively, the charging stations integrate natural landscaping with berms, trees, and green spaces, a notable departure from traditional gas stations. Sustainability features are also prominent, including recycling containers, rain harvesting systems, and solar panels on the charger shelter roofs.

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This initiative aligns with THOR Industries’ strategy to support the RV Industry Association’s efforts in advocating for federal and state investment in eRV-compatible stations. The concept is grounded in best practices developed by the engineering firm Black & Veatch, as outlined in a white paper commissioned by THOR and the RV Industry Association. The paper makes an economic case for utilizing part of the $7.5 billion federal EV funding available to state and tribal governments for building these specialized charging stations.

THOR Industries President and CEO Bob Martin emphasized the crucial role of electrified transportation in the future of RVing. He noted that the transformation towards eRVs and electric tow vehicles necessitates a supportive charging station ecosystem. THOR’s design aims to offer a comprehensive understanding of the required infrastructure near parks, destination towns, and other favored destinations to maintain the significant economic contributions of future RV travelers.

The concept reflects a vision where every aspect of the eRV experience, including charging, is enjoyable. It is a testament to THOR’s commitment to enhancing the eRV traveler’s outdoor experience and mindset, while simultaneously addressing the practical needs of electric RV infrastructure​​.

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