The International Year Of Millets, UK Saw Hottest-Ever Year & The US FDA Allows Abortion Pills – Weekly News

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1. UK saw the hottest-ever year in 2022 as Europe’s climate warms. The annual average temperature in the U.K. Was 10. 03 degree Celsius in 2022, the highest since comparable records in 1884.

2. In the International Year of Millets, the FAO (Food & Agriculture Organisation), Geneva, has urged the people to cultivate the habit of consuming millets, which are cheap & nutritious. Millets like Jowar & Bajra are quite popular in rural India.

3. The Indian government is likely to sell 2.1 million tonnes of wheat in the open market. The government’s wheat stock as on January1 was estimated to be 15.9 million tonnes.

4. The Indian government approved the National Green Hydrogen Mission with an annual financial outlay of Rs.19,744 crore ($2.42B). It is expected this will help India in abating 50 million metric tonnes of annual greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 in sync with India’s updated climate action pledge.

5. The US FDA says pharmacies are allowed to sell abortion pills. Pharmacies will need to receive certification to dispense the drug, while parents will need to complete a consent form.

6. India recorded its warmest December in 122 years in 2022, India Meteorological Department said on Wednesday. Climate change definitely has a role to play in raising average Maximum, minimum & mean temperatures to 27.32 degrees C,15.65 degrees C & 21.40 degrees C.

7. Half of the world’s glaciers are expected to vanish by 2100. The findings, published in the journal Science, provide the most comprehensive look so far at the future of the world’s 215,000 glaciers.

8. According to the Registrar General & Census Commissioner, the Decennial Census operations are further delayed up to 1 September, due to the delimitation of boundaries between the State’s & Union territories. So actual population of India will not be known by 2024, though our country will be the most populous one.

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