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The Harrowing Tale of Two Trapped Teenage Hikers Surviving a Snowstorm

March 6, 2023
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Riley Ramirez and Cole White had commenced their 10-day hike through a part of the Pacific Crest Trail in Southern California, but under-prepared for the late February snowstorm.

The boys’ family lost contact with them a few days into the hike, which kickstarted a search and rescue operation and a helicopter crew eventually spotted the pair along a remote section of the trail near San Gorgonio Mountain.

By the time the teenagers were spotted, they were slightly hypothermic but alive, their tent was broken and moreover Riley had lost his jacket.

The recent snow storms that had battered Southern California’s mountain region and left roads closed, roofs collapsed, and residents trapped in their homes.

Governor Gavin Newsom declared a state of emergency across 13 counties, including San Bernardino, to help authorities that were working to clear the roads, rescue the stranded, and distribute survival supplies.

Slow response by authorities and additional delay due to treacherous conditions has frustrated increasingly desperate residents.

Aerial footage captured near the Lake Gregory are shows a large message written in the snow: “HELP US!!”

The San Bernardino County Fire Department has been receiving numerous calls including, seven fire calls in the last week and more than 70 reports of gas leaks.

One of the fire outbreaks due to gas leak caused an explosion and landed two people in the hospital and killed their cat on Wednesday.

A winter storm warning in the region remains in effect through early Monday, according to the National Weather Service.

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