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Tesla’s Plaid variants of Model S and X now more affordable

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Tesla Inc. has once more slashed prices of its more expensive models.

The Model S and X, now will start at $89,990 and $99,990, respectively in the US.

The company also lowered prices of the high-performance Plaid versions of each vehicle as well.

Plaid variants of the S and X now cost less than they did in early January.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, had recently stated that demand for Teslas is “indistinguishable from infinite.”

Musk also mentioned that reducing prices would cause a rise in Tesla vehicles demand.

Tesla offers dynamic pricing, compared to other industry players changing suggested retail prices from model to model.

Reductions in Model 3 and Y prices in January made those vehicles cheaper compared to the average price of a new vehicle in the US than ever before.

The changes to the 3 and Y were at least in part caused by Tesla wanting those models to qualify for tax credits made available by the Inflation Reduction Act.

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