The Future of Floating Cities: Lazzarini’s $8 Billion Pangeos Project

Pierpaolo Lazzarini, a renowned Italian designer from the Lazzarini Design Studio, is pushing the boundaries of yacht design with his latest creation. He’s earned a reputation for crafting one of the largest superyachts in the world, and now he’s aiming even higher by designing a floating city. The new sea turtle-shaped terayacht, estimated at $8 billion, promises to be the biggest and most luxurious yet, offering a multitude of commercial and entertainment opportunities for its inhabitants. Lazzarini, who previously designed a swan-shaped superyacht, continues to innovate and amaze with his daring yacht concepts.

The grandiose floating city, named Pangeos after the supercontinent that existed over 200 million years ago, is a $8 billion mega vessel set to be constructed in Saudi Arabia. If approved and funded, the project is slated to begin at King Abdullah Port in 2033, with an estimated completion time of 8 years. Pangeos promises to be the largest marine vessel ever built, with its nine distinct bows subdivided into various sections. The sheer size and complexity of the project make it an ambitious undertaking, but one that could lead to a truly unique and magnificent floating city.

Named after the supercontinent Pangaea that existed 200 million years ago, the Pangeos floating city is an ambitious $8 billion mega vessel project slated for construction in Saudi Arabia. With its nine separate bows divided into various sections, the floating city aims to be the largest marine vessel ever built. If approved and funded, the project is set to commence at King Abdullah Port in 2033 and is estimated to take 8 years to complete. The Pangeos floating city project represents a unique and massive undertaking, set to bring to life a vast and magnificent floating city unlike any other.

The Pangeos floating city project is being masterminded by Pierpaolo Lazzarini and his team at the Lazzarini Design Studio, headquartered in Rome, Italy. Utilizing cutting-edge 3D technology, the studio has created a vision for a floating metropolis with ample space for urban amenities such as parks, malls, hotels, and public transportation. Upon completion, this sea turtle-shaped terayacht will set a new standard as the largest floating super structure ever built, spanning an impressive 550 meters and measuring 610 meters at its widest point. In comparison, even the largest yacht in the world, Azzam, pales in comparison with its modest 590 ft area.

Lazzarini views the project as a yacht with the ambition of becoming a self-sufficient, fully-functioning city, capable of floating across vast distances or anchoring at a pier. With the ability to transport guests at speeds of five knots, this floating city is set to be a marvel of engineering and a truly unique experience.

The magnificent Pangeos floating city has the potential to accommodate up to 60,000 residents, in addition to crew and staff. This floating metropolis offers an array of living options, with 69 apartments and 19 luxurious overwater villas located on each wing of the vessel. Residents can choose to reside in apartments with stunning views of the central port or opt for a sea-facing abode. Entertainment options include hotels, shopping centers, and nightclubs for those seeking to socialize and have fun.

Pangeos is powered by nine high-tech electric engines, each boasting a capacity of 16,800 horsepower, ensuring smooth and efficient operation. In addition, the floating city features solar panels, providing a clean energy source for the turtle-shaped terayacht. The vessel’s large wings also harness energy from the breaking of ocean waves, allowing Pangeos to cruise indefinitely without leaving a negative environmental impact.

The grand design of the vessel begins at the port entrance and culminates in the central square, continuing on to the sprawling villas and private homes, rooftop terraces, buildings, and a landing area for flying vehicles in the upper shell zone. The lower level of the city can accommodate over 30,000 cells and compact units that provide a floating solution that is virtually unsinkable, made primarily of steel.

This is no mere concept, as both the Lazzarini Design Studio and Saudi Arabia are determined to turn this vision into reality. To gather the necessary funds for the project, a crowdfunding campaign has been launched, offering virtual tickets for $16, allowing anyone to be a part of this ambitious project.

The path to realizing the floating city dream includes the option of purchasing NFTs, granting the buyer virtual ownership of an apartment in the Pangeos turtle yacht. Furthermore, the Lazzarini Design Studio and Saudi Arabia are launching a tera yacht experience in the Metaverse, offering a glimpse into the futuristic floating city. However, no specific date has been announced for the Metaverse launch or information regarding the progress of their NFT fundraising efforts.

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