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ecoSPEARS selected for WSP Emerge program to revolutionize soil and water remediation

ecoSPEARS has been chosen for WSP Emerge, a ground-breaking cooperation programme that will introduce ideas for improving the planet and its surroundings. SPEARS is an in-situ technology created by NASA that safely and sustainably removes PCBs from contaminated sediment “like a sponge” without harming aquatic ecosystems or re-suspending contaminated silt.

ecoSPEARS was chosen for WSP’s Emerge programme, a ground-breaking initiative aimed at forging strategic partnerships to foster a better planet. To safeguard both human health and the environment, ecoSPEARS creates green remediation solutions that remove persistent poisons from sediment, soil, and water.

We’re thrilled to collaborate with a large, international company like WSP that recognises the magnitude of the legacy and rising pollutants problem. Persistent poisons remain in our land and waterways for all time until they are removed. Serg Albino, co-founder and CEO of ecoSPEARS, said, “We’re introducing cutting-edge remediation solutions to the market that are both affordable and environmentally beneficial.

“Society cannot continue to rely on transporting trash and contaminated soil to a landfill or incineration. Environmental pollution has dramatically increased over the world as a result of climate change, catastrophic storm and flood events, and other factors, disproportionately harming underprivileged communities. The co-founder and EVP of ecoSPEARS, Ian Doromal, remarked that we must improve.

As one of the three chosen businesses in the Earth & Environment cohort, ecoSPEARS will work with WSP to launch the programme and advance its technology toward potential at the pilot-scale. In accordance with the Strategic Alliance, ecoSPEARS will make use of WSP’s subject-matter specialists and global clientele to provide clients and underserved areas with its environmentally friendly and sustainable remediation technology.

Pooja Jain, Senior Vice President for WSP USA, stated that “persistent pollutants are prevalent in water and soil at locations across the nation and the world.” “The Earth and Environment team at WSP places a high priority on assisting our clients in cleaning up such pollution.

Thinking beyond the box when it comes to treatment and disposal is necessary for this work. Through WSP’s Emerge programme (, we have the pleasure of working with ecoSPEARS, a cutting-edge contamination removal technology, to improve and clean up the globe for coming generations.

The restoration of soil and rivers that have been contaminated by PCBs, dioxins, PFAS, and other persistent chemicals that endanger human health and the ecosystem is being revolutionised by ecoSPEARS, a green remediation company. EcoSPEARS provides environmentally friendly, economically advantageous techniques for removing toxins from contaminated sediment, soil, and water. By using ecoSPEARS, contaminated lands and waterways are given a second chance at survival.

One of the top engineering consulting organisations in the world is WSP. In an effort to advance environmental, social, and governance standards throughout the construction industry, the WSP Emerge partnership programme chooses a few strategic partnerships from each cohort that concentrate on eco-friendly, responsible solutions for soil remediation, oil & gas risk reduction, and sustainable waste management.

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