Tesla’s Latest Release Isn’t a Car – It’s a Cybertruck for Cats!

August 22, 2023
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Cat Litter Box
Cat Litter Box

In a surprising twist, Tesla has unveiled a Cybertruck-inspired cat litter box made of cardboard, just in time for International Cats Day. The real Tesla Cybertruck, after a two-year delay, has finally rolled out from Giga Texas, four years post its initial announcement. This quirky feline accessory, mirroring the Cybertruck’s geometric design, offers a mini version of the vehicle for our furry companions. The cardboard structure of the litter box intriguingly rises in an edgy ascent, differing from the vehicle’s mountain peak-like slopes. For feline amusement, the sides of this unique litter box can tilt, potentially serving as a playful distraction. At its core, the box features thick corrugated paper, giving the illusion of a comfy carpet for cats to lounge on.

Tesla China, the mastermind behind this product, has labeled it as a DIY item, requiring owners to assemble it from a shipped giant cardboard. The pronounced slots and accompanying instructions suggest a straightforward assembly process. Ensuring durability, the Cybertruck litter box is crafted from moisture-proof thickened corrugated paper. Priced at 89 yuan (approximately 12 USD), this cardboard innovation can support up to 15 kilos. Some speculate that this cat litter box is a strategic move to generate buzz around the actual Cybertruck’s mass production.

The Tesla Life Cat Nest, retailing for around $12.38 USD, boasts a design inspired by the Cybertruck and can hold up to 15 kg. This product, while made of moisture-resistant corrugated paper, requires some assembly and is currently exclusive to China. Despite its Cybertruck inspiration, this pet accessory lacks any high-tech features, standing in stark contrast to Tesla’s usual offerings. The product’s availability on Tesla’s Chinese website confirms its legitimacy, despite initial beliefs of it being a mere jest. There’s ambiguity surrounding the product’s primary use, with some suggesting it’s a litter tray and others believing it’s a cat scratcher or bed.

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Tesla’s missed opportunity is evident; imagine a moving vehicle for cats, possibly integrated with Musk’s Neuralink for mind-controlled navigation. The product’s simplistic nature raises eyebrows: it’s essentially a cardboard box, albeit with a futuristic design. This isn’t Tesla’s first venture into unconventional products; remember the Tesla-branded tequila or the unique sipping glasses?

The Cybertruck cat house, part of the Tesla Life collection, targets young Chinese consumers, reflecting the brand’s popularity among this demographic. With products ranging from drinkware to pet accessories, Tesla Life aims to cater to the lifestyle needs of China’s youth. The real Cybertruck, with its audacious design, has polarized opinions since its 2019 reveal, making this cat house’s design even more intriguing. Tesla’s eccentric product launches, like this cat house, hint at the brand’s evolving strategy to engage with a broader audience. As Tesla continues to push boundaries in the automotive world, it’s clear they’re not shying away from experimenting in the lifestyle domain either.

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