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Tesla to Setup Global Engineering HQ in California as Relations Improve

February 23, 2023
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Tesla will be setting up its global engineering headquarters in California which gives a big signal about Tesla & California state’s renewed relations. California is also known for its EV-friendly policies and has even set up a broader climate plan for a greener future.

Tesla, the car manufacturer will be moving back to its ex-headquarters of HP Inc. In Palo Alto. California Governor, Newsom and Musk made the announcement together. The Tesla website is hosting hundreds of job openings in Palo Alto as Tesla expects to hire more than 1000 new employees.

In 2020 Musk moved to Texas and had stated “California used to be the land of opportunity. Now it has become and is becoming more so the land of overregulation, overlitigation, overtaxation and scorn”. The joint announcement between the Governor and Musk shows a new warmth in the California-Musk relations. After the initial sentiments regarding the lack of growth in the California Bay Area, the next chapter in Tesla’s growth story is about to begin.

“I couldn’t be more proud of California’s commitment to support Tesla over the course of the last few decades,” Newsom said. “It’s a point of pride, always has been for me, that Tesla is a California company, started here first.”

Musk reminded that Newsom was “one of the first to buy a Tesla Roadster back in the day” which costed $100,000 in 2007.

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