Stylish Clothes Made From Recycled Fabrics, Mostly Denim

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Fast fashion trends have surely given a boom to the textile industry, with billions of dollars of profit each year worldwide. But it is just as harmful and devouring for our environment.  Approx. 10,000 litres of water is required to manufacture 1 pair of jeans. 

Green-E is a Designs & Fashion brand that is upcycling denim clothes and more. They are based in Chile. They create fashionable clothes from pieces of upcycled clothes and materials.

 Green-E believes in slow and conscious fashion. They have designed and upcycled many products such as Overalls into full length dress,  XL Jeans into Kimono Dress, Cotton jacket and denim jeans were claimed by military style jacket, Two jeans were converted into a long denim skirt, Patch quilted jacket from jeans pieces, Velvet Coat and jeans into an overcoat, Overalls inverted with jeans and more. They have even designed Tote bags made from upcycled parts of denim pockets.

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