Ecuador Expands Galapagos Marine Life Reserve By 45%

Ecuador Expands Galapagos Marine Life Protection Reserve By 45%

The inextricable connection between the sea, climate & biodiversity is understandable. The ocean is one of Earth’s most significant climate regulators – absorbing nearly a third of emitted carbon dioxide & nearly 90% of excess heat. In short the planet’s health depends on a healthy ocean & ensuring a healthy ocean requires cooperation & coordination well beyond individual borders.

In this connection Ecuador, Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama signed a declaration during the COP26 in 2021, recognising their interconnected marine ecosystem. As a result the Galapagos Marine Reserve, created in 1998 by Equador, has been expanded with the creation of the Hermandad Marine Reserve. Covering an additional 60,000 square Kilometers(23,000 square miles) in the Pacific Ocean near the Galapagos, in addition to the existing 138,000 sq Kms(53,2821 sq miles).

The new reserve will ensure a safe pathway for the many amazing creatures to & from Costa Rica’s Cocos Island. Ecuador is a major player in the South American  fishing industry around the Pacific. Now booming fish populations have spilled over in the adjacent areas and spectacular marine life wins over commercial tuna, making way for better research and ethical tourism.

A volcano erupted on an island in the Galapagos recently but the critically endangered pink Iguana species are safe, according to the Galapagos National Park authorities. Charles Darwin, the famous evolutionist, has specially noted the Galapagos Giant Tortoises & Pink Iguanas as an example for his theory of evolution. These South American Nations have set an ideal of international cooperation & a coordination for safeguarding the endangered flora & fauna from extinction.

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