Solar Maximum Approaches: Expect Up to 173 Sunspots in 2024’s Sky Spectacle

June 9, 2024
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Sea of Clouds.
Sea of Clouds.

Sun as the energy provider to all and Sunday a holiday to remind us the same. So on this Sunday, let us think about our Sun. Our Sun is a 4.5-billion-year-old yellow dwarf star. The Sun is a hot glowing ball of hydrogen and helium. It is at the center of our solar system. It’s about 93 million miles (150 million kilometers) from Earth. It’s our solar system’s only star. Without the Sun’s energy, life as we know it could not exist on our home planet.

According to Mark Miesch, a research scientist at the University of Colorado and America’s National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the Sun is a many-splendoured phenomenon. He says, “We are entering solar maximum now—more places on Earth will see Sun storms and auroras in the skies.” May 2024 saw a remarkable solar storm setting off amazing auroras across Earth. It was seen even in regions like Ladakh, India, which are far removed from the usual settings for this. Auroras—a glorious, surreal show of light in the skies—occur when expelled solar material hits Earth’s magnetosphere, causing it to shake, electrons to move and collide with molecules in the air, making these glow.

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Our daily life is governed by the rising and setting of the Sun. We measure time and call it the solar calendar. Life on Earth comes from the Sun. We all live because of it. That is why daily all bow to the Sun. The Sun is one of the five Elements of nature. Studying the life and times of the Sun is thus vital for human well-being.

Miesch says, “The Sun is also a window into the cosmos—it is a star in our own backyard. It’s a laboratory for astrophysics—we can see processes on the Sun that are occurring throughout the universe but the Sun lets us see these up close in glorious detail, something we cannot observe on any other astronomical body.” “The Sun is a connection between our daily lives and the universe.” In short, the Sun is a giver of life to all of us. We cannot imagine a life without the all-splendoured Sun.

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