Archer Aviation Secures FAA  Part 135 Certification: Paving the Way for Electric Air Taxis Takeoff

June 9, 2024
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Archer Aviation Secures FAA Part 135 Certification: Paving the Way for Electric Air TaxisTakeoff Photo Credits: Archer
Archer Aviation Secures FAA Part 135 Certification: Paving the Way for Electric Air TaxisTakeoff Photo Credits: Archer

Archer Aviation (ACHR) has obtained FAA ( Federal Aviation Administration) Part 135 certification. Archer Aviation announced the news about its subsidiary on June 5, 2024, that its subsidiary, This certificate allows Archer to begin operating aircraft for commercial purposes to refine its systems and procedures before deploying its ADAVe Midnight for airlines like United Airlines upon receiving Midnight’s type certification. The acquisition of the Part 135 certificate indicates that Archer Air has developed and demonstrated to the FAA its adherence to the policies and procedures necessary to commence commercial aircraft operations in accordance with the rigorous safety and operational standards defined by the FAA.

Adam Goldstein, Founder and CEO of Archer, explained, “This milestone reflects our team’s unwavering dedication to safety and operational excellence as we stand up one of the world’s first electric air taxi services for communities across the U.S. with a safe, sustainable and low noise transportation solution.” ACHR is now on track to transport passengers in its air taxis, as the approval allows it to start its commercial operations. 

In addition to its Part 135 certificate, Archer previously announced that it had received its Part 145 certificate from the FAA, allowing it to perform specialized aircraft repair services. This means that Archer has now received the two key operational certificates required by the FAA to be able to commence its air taxi operations once Midnight receives its type certification. The Part 135 certification process involved five rigorous stages, which required the submission of comprehensive documentation on operational manuals and procedures, as well as Archer pilots demonstrating their mastery of these manuals and procedures under FAA observation. The FAA also recently issued the final airworthiness criteria for Midnight.

United Airlines Holdings reiterates its support for Archer Aviation Inc. ACHR is in the green at the time of writing after announcing it has received a key certification from the Federal Aviation Administration. Mike Leskinen, United’s Chief Financial Officer, stated, “The pace of progress and innovation that Archer has achieved over the last few years is nothing short of impressive and today marks another key milestone in their journey to bring safe, sustainable, and low noise air taxi services to market.” He further added, “United Airlines extends our congratulations to Archer’s team on receiving their Part 135 Air Carrier & Operator Certificate. Together, we look forward to shaping the future of air transportation and delivering unparalleled flying experiences to United passengers.” 

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Earlier this year, the San Jose, California-based eVTOL company signed a Space Act agreement with NASA. Archer’s goal is to transform urban travel by replacing 60 to 90-minute car commutes with electric air taxi flights estimated to last 10 to 20 minutes, safe, sustainable, quiet, and competitively priced compared to ground transportation. Archer’s Midnight is a four-passenger piloted aircraft designed to perform rapid back-to-back flights with minimal turnaround time between flights.

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