SkyDrive and Cyient Forge New eVTOL Era in India: A Strategic Partnership Poised to Elevate Urban Air Mobility

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Sky Drive And Cyient Forge
Sky Drive And Cyient Forge P.C- Facebook

An international engineering company with its headquarters located in India, Cyient, and SkyDrive Inc., a well-known eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) aircraft manufacturer from Japan, have established a technological partnership. With this memorandum of understanding (MoU), SkyDrive enters into its first collaboration with an Indian engineering firm. It intends to enhance eVTOL development, spanning sectors like product development, engineering, production, and digital services.

Tomohiro Fukuzawa, CEO of SkyDrive, expressed excitement about the collaboration. He said, “Having Cyient as a partner to create the first eVTOL technical publication manual will take us closer to the future of the mobility revolution.” Cyient’s engineering experience, particularly in the aerospace industry, is in line with SkyDrive’s goal of transforming urban air mobility (UAM).

In the UAM sector, BVR Reddy, the founder, chairman, and board member of Cyient, emphasized the potential of “Engineered in India.” He stressed that the partnership would take advantage of India’s engineering community to meet the demands of UAM globally. “By 2030, Urban Air Mobility will be a $23 billion opportunity globally,” stated Karthikeyan Natarajan, CEO of Cyient, highlighting the enormous potential of this collaboration.

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As a leader in eVTOL technology, SkyDrive was founded in July 2018 and carried out its first crewed flight test in Japan in 2019. The business plans to work with Suzuki Motor business to begin building their eVTOL “SKYDRIVE” in 2024.

Another calculated step was when SkyDrive announced a deal to support eVTOL technology with the Gujarat government in India. The collaboration, headed by Mr. Videh Khara, Mission Director of the Department of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat, and CEO of SkyDrive, Fukuzawa, intends to create an Advanced Air Mobility ecosystem in Gujarat by 2027.

The cutting edge of urban air mobility is represented by eVTOLs, which are distinguished by their electricity, autonomous autopilot, and vertical takeoff and landing capabilities. Partnerships such as SkyDrive-Cyient and SkyDrive-Government of Gujarat show how the world is working towards sustainable aviation and urban transportation solutions as the sector expands.

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