Deers Of Nara Park

Scenic Cherry Blossoms & Deers Of Nara Park

1 min read

Masami Shirai a.k.a the 1-minute traveller records his encounter with a particularly gorgeous specimen of Sika deer in Japan. The Sika deer of the Nara park are considered divine messengers in the Nara prefecture. As such, the deer are free to roam the breadth of the land and the many temples there. The falling cherry blossoms of Mount Wakakusa provide the perfect backdrop to his shot of the deer. 

Masami is a hobby photographer who is in love with the beautiful views and natural scenes of Japan. He makes use of his wit and his phone camera to record and capture the abundant beauty in Japan.  

Jonathan Santosh

Jonathan Santosh is a student of Journalism at Christ, Bangalore. He enjoys traveling and trekking to new and exciting places.

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