Samsung’s Less Microfiber Filter is an Essential Step Towards Taming the Microplastic Menace

June 27, 2023
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Samsung’s innovative solution to address the issue of microfibers shedding during laundry cycles and polluting the environment has taken a significant step forward with the launch of the Less Microfiber Filter. After unveiling their plan at CES 2023, Samsung has successfully introduced an external attachable accessory designed to reduce microplastic emissions during laundry.

The Less Microfiber Filter features specially designed blades with a mesh width of 65-70 micrometers. These blades effectively capture microplastics and redirect them to one side, compressing them in the process. This unique mechanism means that owners only need to clean the filter approximately once a month, making maintenance hassle-free.

Prior to the release of the Less Microfiber Filter, Samsung introduced the Less Microfiber Cycle as a preset option on select washing machine models from 2022 and newer versions. This cycle incorporates Samsung’s proprietary Ecobubble technology, which ensures quick dissolution of laundry detergent with water. Not only does this cycle effectively remove dirt and stains from clothes, but it also reduces abrasion and extends the lifespan of garments, ultimately preventing the shedding of microplastics. The Less Microfiber Filter was also showcased in Samsung’s CES sustainability presentation and is now confirmed for release in Korea and Europe, with availability in other regions to follow.

Tests conducted at the Ocean Wise Plastics Lab demonstrated the filter’s impressive efficiency, with up to 98% of microfibers being trapped during a wash cycle of synthetic fibers. This reduction is equivalent to the prevention of eight 500-ml plastic bottles’ worth of microplastics from entering the environment per year, assuming the washing machine is used four times a week. The device is compatible with Samsung’s SmartThings platform, enabling users to receive alerts via a mobile app when the filter requires emptying.

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Samsung’s commitment to tackling the issue of microplastics aligns with the increasing global concern over their impact on oceans and human health. By collaborating with Ocean Wise and Patagonia, Samsung has developed technology to prevent the release of microplastics into daily life. The introduction of the Less Microfiber Filter and Cycle demonstrates Samsung’s dedication to promoting everyday sustainability and fostering eco-conscious practices in households worldwide. Activating the Less Microfiber Cycle mode is as simple as pressing a button, and Samsung plans to expand this feature to select older Wi-Fi-enabled washing machine models through an over-the-network update later this year.


With the launch of the Less Microfiber Filter, Samsung provides a valuable secondary barrier to prevent microplastics from entering soil and oceans, addressing the potential adverse effects on both the environment and human health. The availability of the filter in Korea and the U.K. marks the beginning of its global rollout, with India and other countries set to receive the product in the third quarter. Samsung’s dedication to developing sustainable solutions highlights their ongoing commitment to environmental responsibility and innovation.

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