Fendi x Kengo Kuma Redefine Fashion with Nature-Inspired Collection – Raw Nature Intersects Design

June 27, 2023
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The collaboration between Fendi and Japanese architect Kengo Kuma brings together Italian design and Japanese architecture to create unique interpretations of Fendi accessories. Kengo Kuma, known for his reverence for ancient Japanese craftsmanship and raw natural materials, incorporates these elements into Fendi’s iconic Baguette Soft Trunk, Peekaboo bag, and Fendi Flow sneakers. For the SS24 collection, Kuma constructs the accessories using traditional materials such as washi paper, woven bamboo, birch bark, and Tuscan olivewood. The result is a collection that showcases Kuma’s architectural flair and his ability to transform these materials into bags and sneakers. The use of natural and raw materials adds a distinct texture and visual appeal to the designs.

The collaboration highlights the connection between Fendi and architecture, as well as the dialogue between different designers and their choice of materials. Kuma sees the bags and shoes as small architectural projects on a human scale, reflecting his belief in integrating nature and craft into his work. The fashion show took place at the Fendi Factory in the Tuscan hills, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship. As the models walked the runway, artisans worked in the background, showcasing the production and manufacturing process of Fendi’s leather goods.

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Kuma’s designs for Fendi include a single-handled Peekaboo bag with a basket-shaped design, resembling a fashionable toolbox. The Baguette version features sharper edges and a lighter shade flecked with wood chips. The sneakers display undulating lines and soft curves, complemented by the filaments resembling 3D-printed threads. The accessories collection also incorporates playful elements such as woven baskets, jacquard lunch bags, and embroidered raffia bags, exploring the concept of the “corporate artisan.” The collaboration between Fendi and Kengo Kuma represents an artistic dialogue between Italy and Japan, blending Italian design expertise with Japanese craftsmanship and architectural principles. The resulting collection offers a fresh and innovative interpretation of Fendi’s iconic accessories, showcasing the beauty of natural materials and the fusion of fashion and architecture.

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