Sahyadri Devrai – A Green Movement

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Sahyadri Devrai is one of the leading groups, working for protection & enhancement of the environment in Maharashtra. Sayaji Shinde, the famous actor, is a founder of the Green Movement.

This movement got a shot in its arm when another noted actor Manoj Bajpayee joined it on 26 January, 2022, at a function held in Aarey Colony, Mumbai. It is said that Dharma protects you if you nurture it: Dharmo rakshati rakshitah. Similarly trees will safeguard you if you look after them after planting.

The S D or Sahyadri Devrai has been planting trees and nurturing them for many years. Its volunteers do this work with religious fervor as they sing : Jhadanche gun gau, jhadanche gun Gheu meaning we praise the qualities of trees & we imbibe their qualities.

Manoj Bajpayee narrated his experience about a tree in his village. Bel is his favourite tree as well as its fruit. The Bel tree in his ancestral farm is specially dear to him as it was planted by his grandfather.

Sayaji Shinde says that his organisation has replanted a fallen banyan tree in Pune .It is a hundred year old tree. He also said that when he visited Birmingham, he saw a huge tree & imagined how that tree must be telling its story to its Indian counterpart about climatic changes and human behaviour.

The SD asks people to adopt a tree and water it so that it grows and blossoms. Also saplings can be given as presents for birthday & other celebrations or events. In fact saplings were presented to guests at the above function. The tree plantation drive being guided by Shinde & Bajpayee through Sahyadri Devrai is a laudable project as trees are very important for our life.

Without trees, there can be no other stories on earth, they are marvels of evolution. The trees permit life. They grow us. That is why St Tukaram says that flora & fauna are our close relatives: Vriksha valli amha soyare vanachare.

So let us follow Shinde & Bajpayee and other like minded to plant & save more trees. I have gifted a sapling to my great grand-daughter so that she grows up along with it by watering it

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