Batsirai, The Second Cyclone To  Wreck Madagascar In Weeks

February 6, 2022
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Since a couple of weeks Madagascar has witnessed disruptive cyclonic activity. Situated by the east African coast, the beginning of the new year has been less than great for this beautiful island nation.
Last month Madagascar along with Malawi and Mozambique faced the wrath of tropical storm Ana. About 55 people died due to the devastative storm. Just after a few weeks, cyclone Batsirai made landfall on Madagascar’s east coast, 530 k.m. away from the capital city of Antananarivo.

Water supply, electricity and other networks were disrupted due to the extreme storm. The authorities have been on high alert and carrying out evacuation and other duties.

The country was vulnerable after suffering the losses due to storm Ana. Batsirai has added more with its fury of wind and rain. The videos surfacing on the internet show how powerful the storm has been.

After peaking the extremities Batsirai has toned down and is moving southwest. These are one of the few cyclones of this new year which remind us about the stark realities of climate change. Last year we had witnessed many such instances and this new year unfortunately won’t be any different.

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