Porsche Taycan’s Epic 1,146-Mile Electric Odyssey: Fastest EV Ride Ever?

September 4, 2023
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To mark its 75th anniversary, Porsche embarked on a record-setting electric vehicle journey from Thailand to Singapore. The chosen vehicle for this remarkable feat was the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo in 4S trim. Three journalists shared the driving responsibilities, covering a distance of 1,146 miles. Their journey began at Bang Yai near Bangkok and concluded at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore. This expedition, named the ‘Taycan Record Run’, was completed in a swift 29 hours and 15 minutes, with the record-setting time authenticated by TAG Heuer timekeepers.

Infrastructure and Vehicle Specifications

The success of this journey can be attributed to Shell’s Recharge High Performance Charging network, co-developed with Porsche. The Taycan’s rapid charging capabilities were on full display, with charging intervals limited to just 25 minutes. This efficiency was further boosted by a recent upgrade to the Taycan, which reduced its charging times by nearly half. To ensure smooth transitions, drivers reserved charging stations up to an hour in advance. The Cross Turismo variant was chosen over the Turbo, primarily for its raised ride height, beneficial for potentially challenging terrains. To maintain the record’s validity, it was crucial to adhere to speed limits throughout the journey.

Reception and Future Implications

Upon completion, the drivers were warmly greeted by Taycan owners from the Porsche Club Singapore, Porsche staff, and record officials. Andre Brand, the GM of Porsche Singapore, lauded the Taycan’s benchmark in sporty performance and efficient charging. Porsche’s foray into high-performance electrification continues to make waves in the electric vehicle sector, with the recent record of the Taycan 4S Cross Turismo further solidifying its position. This journey stands as the fastest recorded for an electric vehicle between Thailand and Singapore. As per Google Maps data, a conventional vehicle could cover the same distance in roughly 20 to 30 hours. The Taycan, boasting a range of up to 318 miles, was equipped with an 800-volt battery pack and modified for higher ground clearance to enhance ride quality.

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Critics and the Future of Electric Mobility

Despite the monumental achievement, some critics, including a Tesla Model owner, questioned the impressiveness of the covered distance. However, the Taycan’s journey undeniably showcased the potential of electric vehicles, addressing common concerns like range anxiety. The journey also highlighted the importance of robust infrastructure and advanced technology in promoting the adoption of electric vehicles. With such advancements, the shift from traditional engines to zero-emission vehicles becomes increasingly enticing. Porsche’s unwavering commitment to electric mobility is evident in its continuous efforts to push boundaries. 

The Taycan’s record is not just a milestone for Porsche but a testament to the future of electric vehicles. As electric vehicle infrastructure continues to improve, long-distance EV travel will become more routine. The Taycan’s journey, blending performance and sustainability, serves as a beacon for future electric vehicle endeavors, signaling a future where transportation is not only electric but also efficient and sustainable, with pioneers like Porsche leading the way.

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