Plectrum: Lazzarini’s Hydrofoil Superyacht Powered by Hydrogen

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Lazzarini Design Studio has showcased their latest superyacht concept, the Plectrum, with hydrofoil technology. Hydrofoil technology lifts the vessel above the surface of water, reducing vessel’s contact with water and enabling a flying experience on water at high speeds. Foiling monohulls used in the America’s Cup were the initial inspiration for the design. America’s cup is one of the oldest international sailing yacht competitions. Three hydrogen-powered motors with a total capacity of 15,000 horsepower will be propelling the 74-meter-long vessel. An adjustable foil system onboard can be modified depending on the yacht’s cruising requirements and has the ability to expand from a width of 15 meters to 20 meters when the foil is open.

The Plectrum is completely made from dry carbon fiber composite materials which makes it lightweight and allows speeds up to 75 knots. With 6 usable cabins, the superyacht boasts a lavish shipowner suite, a helipad, and a beach club along with a stylish swimming pool over its four levels. The boats used in the America’s Cup, including the Prada’s 2023 model, have inspired the yacht’s hull shape.

The hydrofoil technology uses wings under the boat’s hull to lift it up, out of the water, while speeding up. This in turn allows the yacht to glide on top of the water surface. This system is not new because shipbuilders used similar vessel construction methods back in 1964. But, Lazzarini Design Studio uses this technology to gain much faster sea travel compared to conventional ships with similar size.

The adjustable foil system can be changed depending on the yacht’s cruising needs and can be adjusted in width from 15 meters when the yacht is berthed or anchored. When the foil is open the foil can expand up to 20 meters enabling higher speeds for the yacht. Lazzarini Design Studio, has presented quite a few dynamic superyacht designs including the Sovrano, a 169-meter superyacht concept with twin helipads and a retractable deck. The Plectrum is the latest in a series of radical superyacht designs by Lazzarini Design Studio.

The Plectrum has accessible four levels, including a helicopter hangar, a central double garage, and a rear garage for water toys and a car. The vessel is designed intricately to be the fastest of its kind and should be available for £70m i.e. $86m. Hydrogen powered motors add up to the greener features of the boat, making it viable for users looking for sustainable options

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