Pi-POP’s Third-Gen E-Bike: No Lithium, French Ingenuity and Unlimited Pedal Power

November 3, 2023
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The 3rd generation Pi-Pop bike
The 3rd generation Pi-Pop bike

In the heart of France, a revolution on two wheels is taking shape. Pi-POP, an Orléans-based company, is redefining the e-bike with its third-generation model. This isn’t your average pedal-assist bike; it’s a testament to innovation, sustainability, and the sheer joy of cycling.

The Tech Behind the Pedal

At the core of Pi-POP’s design lies a patented, lithium-free system. Eschewing the traditional e-bike battery, Pi-POP utilizes supercapacitors, a choice that not only sidesteps the environmental impact of lithium extraction but also offers a longer lifecycle of 10 to 15 years. These supercapacitors charge as you ride, capturing energy during those moments when effort is minimal or when braking. It’s a seamless cycle of energy use and regeneration, ensuring assistance is available whenever you need it, 24/7.

Design and Specs: A Cyclist’s Dream

Pi-POP’s e-bike is a blend of form and function. The frame, crafted from aluminum, caters to a wide range of cyclists, fitting those from 1.55m to 1.85m tall. It’s a unisex design, with adjustable stem and saddle height, ensuring a comfortable ride for everyone. The bike’s dimensions (200cm x 120cm x 70cm) and weight (21.7 kg) speak to its robust yet manageable build.

Color-wise, Pi-POP has opted for a classic white, a choice that reflects the bike’s clean, green ethos. The wheels are sturdy Mach1, 28-inch double-walled with Velox assembly, and it rolls on Michelin World Tour VTC urban tires, size 700×35 (37-622). The motor, a 250W Aikema Electric Drive Systems AKM100SX with 45N.m torque, is paired with a ZOOM 141D telescopic fork and TEKTRO MD-M280 disc brakes, ensuring smooth and responsive handling.

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Sustainable, Local, Inclusive

Pi-POP’s approach goes beyond the bike. It’s about fostering a community and a commitment to the planet. The bikes are produced locally in Orléans, minimizing resource consumption and maximizing product longevity. Pi-POP’s e-bike is an inclusive vehicle, designed for the daily commuter, the weekend warrior, and everyone in between.

Pricing and Availability

This third-generation e-bike is available directly from the factory in Olivet, priced at 2450 €. It’s a direct-to-consumer model that ensures quality and value.

Final Thoughts

Pi-POP’s e-bike isn’t just a mode of transportation; it’s a movement. It’s about harnessing your energy, enjoying the ride, and doing good for the planet. With its innovative energy system, inclusive design, and local production, Pi-POP is pedaling towards a greener future, one ride at a time.

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